Since I know by looking at the comments in Follow Follow (not so much the american run Rangers media who have a blanket ban on all my blogs it appears) You are not the best fans of my writing skills I will break this the most important blog that I think I have done to date into bite size chunks!

Getting back to the criticism of my writing skills would you negate a Doctor who said he had a cure for AIDS because he had a stutter?

“Nah fuck that cunt hen the cunt sounds like Porky the fucking pig”

do you think I like doing this pish?

Rangers don’t pay my bills the info that I provide needs to be exposed not for the sake of Rangers but for the sake of our country.

No seriously the last for years delving into the depravity of Celtic Boys Club and within the Roman Catholic church in Scotland has took its toll on me but when you see those brave footballers led by Andy Woodword down south come out and blow this whole thing out the water and decent journalists down south pursue it to get justice I wouldn’t change a thing.

TBF there are quite a lot on Follow Follow who get it, that its the information that I provide is key but there’s no point saying well that’s all very interesting then going back to scratching your arse if you find the stuff I expose interesting then do your own research!

TBF many are and the shocking information that I will provide in this Blog post and in others needs us all -and I don’t mean take my word for it do your own research stand it up for yourself and if the things that you are about to see and read, the red flags that pop up scare frighting and worry you as much as they have done too me then I ask you to contact the relevant authorities as I have and follow it up don’t take no for an answer.

Anyway I digress back to the main story that will shock you to your very marrow.

There’s a phrase used in common dining etiquette

“Never talk Religion, Politics or Football at the dinner table”

Well in 1888 ……….

Ironically the year Jack the Ripper would reign terror on the same streets of London months before Brother Walfrid would walk after he was pushed aside when Celtic started a PLC company(thats company not club) & the short lived Charity ethos based on Racist, sectarian paranoia died!

But I digress.

In 1888 Scottish Fitbaw was that dinner table and Celtic staggered and stumbled up upon it’s table top, took doon it’s manky fucking breeks, got into the squat position and decided to shite all over it’s pristine white linen table cloth.

The odor that such an act of defecation is sadly still around to give the rest of us who just want to relax, unwind & watch the Fitbaw the dry boak even till this day.

The sad thing is that Celtic wasn’t the first club to do so if you have read a previous post on this blog -linked below- you will know Hibernian -among others- was the first too pollute Scottish Fitbaw with their own brand of seditious, Anti-British, Roman Catholic supremacy Cult ruled blindly and unquestionably by an undemocratic, peadophilic, anti-Christian, blasphemous tyrant in Rome.

The last five years with the disgusting rise of the anti-British (and indeed rather ironically considering the roots of the SNP) the anti-Protestant National Socialist, Scottish National party (but to be fare it has been going on for a lot longer than that) in Scotland have brought into sharp focus just why such Football clubs as Hibernian, Celtic, Dundee Hibernian where shat into existence and are indeed a very stain on our secular democracy.

Anyway back to the main story.

Many of you will not know of #Pizzagate

Now there’s plenty of Videos on the internet I suggest you look it up and watch them don’t take my word for it.

For the interest of brevity  I will point out main points of interest with regards to this story.

Wikileaks released all these emails from a guy called John Podesta  who at the time was chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He previously served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

Now this guy is a fucking creep by the looks of things totally fitting for the Democratic Party that has had such IRA fan boys as John F Kennedy, William Bulger the brother of organized Irish Mafia crime boss with deep ties to the IRA James Whitey Bulger and indeed Vice President Joe Biden former John Kerry the secretary of State the list sadly goes on and on but hopefully their time is at an end and justice will be served under Trump.

His emails appear to be nonsensical until someone found out they were written in code for prostitution and peadophilia where disgustingly food is equated too human beings look at image directly below.


Anyway I Digress in the interest of brevity I will cut to the chase its not only code words these peadophile cunts talk to each other in its Logo’s and these logos where also hacked by wikileaks and come directly from the FBI’s intelligence on peadophilia and child trafficking see images below.



Now look at those images that these fucking sickos use to communicate with each other the straight triangle within another triangle equals boy lover the messy triangle within another triangle equals little boy lover the heart within a heart equals Girl lover and the butterfly logo equals child lover.

Will with regards to the Pizzagate story -that I urge you to look at- a group of pizzerias linked to funding of the Democratic Party and that evil auld fucking despicable bastard George Soros  seem to display a hell of alot of these FBI recognised Peado logos.


Now going back to the start of this post. I detailed that Celtic Football club wasn’t exactly backward in coming forward about their anti-British politics and religious beliefs right?

So its always bugged me why do they not have a shamrock on their crest?

Yeah they started of with a Celtic Cross ( but if anyone knows about the whore of Babylon the Roman Catholic church it’s as far away from the ancient Celtic church as you could imagine) but that was soon put to the side by yes a Shamrock


as you would think being it is what St Patrick taught the people of Ireland about the Holy trinity.


But this was replaced for all time in the 1930’s by the Four leaf Clover as first seen here in Willie Maley’s complementary season book


Now that logo stuck out at me like a lightning bolt after hiding for all these years after reading about these FBI classified peadophile logos that these sick fucks communicate with each other.

It was in my opinion the remarkably similar to this one below


This is the FBI accredited logo for the so called “Child Lover ” even the word Clover is a sort of sick play on words. Child lover…….. C. Lover…… Clover.

Now knowing this when you look at the Celtic logo a little bit closer you start to see it is made up of 4 hearts


Now as you can see this is only part 1 of my investigation into FUCK UEFA, CELTIC SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI. The first in this series was originally going to expose Celtic FC and its fans links to international anti-Western terrorism but things on the Pizzagate front have just gathered pace.

So if the red flags hiding in plain sight that I have exposed to you today has alerted you as it did me then do as I do and contact the FBI I would say contact Police Scotland but as you can see by the handling of the murder of the Celtic Boys Club starlet Lawrence Haggart I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw them.

Please do as I did report this to the FBI



If these red flags haven’t roused you then wait till the next installment and see what you think.

End of Part 1

Part 2 the Celtic FC Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Haiti and child trafficking link below



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