Hello and welcome to the 2nd part of this Blog titled FUCK UEFA, CELTIC SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI  #PIZZAGATE I hope it finds you warm and well.

The first installment is linked below if you haven’t read then I suggest you do before continuing.

WARNING this evil is not for the faint hearted.


I left the last post mentioning the Celtic FC Foundation

What is even more disconcerting and worrying is that the Logo for the Celtic FC Charity not only resembles the “Child lover” logo it also resembles the “little girl lover” logo, the heart within a heart, recognised  in the unclassified FBI files hacked by wiki leaks. see below


Now here is when it gets more disturbing in Haiti there is a Celtic park built in the wake of the Hurricane disaster of 2010. It was built among other things rather controversially under a cloud of sleaze and corruption by the Bill and Hillary Clinton foundation and here is the logo below.


Note that the Logo in Haiti has distinctively 2 smaller hearts and 2 larger hearts similar too the FBI “Child lover” logo and also the heart within a heart that the FBI flags a symbol for “girl lover”


Now the reason I have mention Bill and Hillary Clinton foundation and Haiti is -and you wont fucking believe this- is they have been involved in Child trafficking cases in Haiti where a bunch of Graham Spiers mob the Baptists.

Members of the new life children’s refuge Baptist missionaries were jailed for trying to steal 33 kids -who they said where orphans but was a lot of bullshit most had 1 if not both their parents- out of Haiti!!!!


As I say do not take my word for it search for yourselves. This scandal was also exposed by the recent Wiki leaks exposure and showed directly how close the Clinton’s were involved with them and getting them of the hook.

The Clinton’s showed up and bullied the Haitians getting all but 1 out the nick , but listening to this the ring leader the founder a women called Laura Silsby was last to get out not before hiring a Lawyer who himself was convicted of Child trafficking!!!!

Now watch this -strangely for a club that purports to be open to all -overtly Roman Catholic ceremony at the opening of Celtic Park in Haiti.

Before I start on the overtly Roman Catholic ceremony having read what you have just read did the cameraman not linger on the beautiful young Haitian girl a little longer than was comfortable?


What makes it a more overtly Roman Catholic ceremony that the so called club open too all participated in was that Celtic FC Foundation’s Anthony Hamilton -good to see you covering up your tattoos hiding something- was joined by the CRS the Catholic Relief Services

From left to right, Lisa Railey, CRS' Regional Development Director, Tony Hamilton, Celtic FC Foundation CEO and Sean Callahan, Catholic Relief Services’ Executive Vice President for Overseas Operations stand in the new Celtic Park Haiti soccer field in the Solino area of Port Au Prince, Haiti during its launch ceremony on September 11, 2015. The new soccer facility, which serves one of the most notoriously poor neighborhoods in Port Au Prince, was made possible by the Celtic FC Foundation, Catholic Relief Services and the Spiritans in Haiti. The project was the vision of an anonymous American donor who visited the field when it was used as a camp by people who lost their homes following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Prior to the earthquake, the field had also served the community as a soccer pitch. Photo credit: Tom Price/CRS

From left to right, Lisa Railey, CRS’ Regional Development Director,
Tony Hamilton, Celtic FC Foundation CEO and Sean Callahan, Catholic Relief Services’ Executive Vice President for Overseas Operations

The Catholic Relief Services has come into extreme criticism from the right wing nutters of the Roman Catholic church because of its -in their jaundice hate-filled eyes- liberal ideas.

The Catholic Relief Services is also heavily funded by George Soros a Cretan who as a boy rounded up many of his -at that time he now claims to be an Atheist- fellow Hungarian Jews along with his Uncle and help send them of to the Nazi death camps.

Now with all the info from these blogs in mind all the red flags read that have been flagged up read the following from Chris Bessey, CRS Country Representative in Haiti

“Whether you call it soccer, futbol, or football, the sport has become a way for children and adults to connect with those who share the same love.
“This partnering highlights the importance of bringing that community back together in an area where resources were once destroyed. We are grateful to have the support of Celtic FC Foundation community in this task.”

This and the other blogs are not accusing blame to anyone its just that with the amount of red flags that have popped up in mine and others investigation has been really worrying and tying that up with Celtic Football clubs history of Child Abuse and the Roman Catholic church as an organisation disgusting track record of child rape on an industrial scale and cover up of child rape of children in their care the FBI surely need to look into this.

Listen we all lived through Savile and the culture of dont rock the boat it’s more than my Jobs worth.

Well I will tell you this Brothers and Sisters



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