Now I just don’t go around willy nilly asking the FBI to investigate allegations of what could or could not be a Child peadophile ring.

No sir you see during my research Celtic FC Foundation logo which appears to me has not 1 but 2 FBI recognized peadophile communicating symbols incorporated


So I decided to see if I could find the origin of said Logo and who created it.

My research led me to a wikipedia page linked below

The blurb within said page includes this…..

The image is used to identify the organization Celtic FC Foundation, a charitable organisation and subject of public interest. The significance of the logo is to help the reader identify the organization, assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical commentary about the organization, and illustrate the organization’s intended branding message in a way that words alone could not convey. Because it is a non-free logo, there is almost certainly no free representation. Any substitute that is not a derivative work would fail to convey the meaning intended, would tarnish or misrepresent its image, or would fail its purpose of identification or commentary.ShugSty (talk) 15:31, 15 March 2016 (UTC)


Now this user Shugsty seems to be a bit of an expert on it he might have created it but theres nothing concrete to say he has so lets do a bit of digging on Shugsty and we find


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This user supports Celtic.
Just a fan of Celtic and Scottish football in general. Do the occasional edit on Scottish-related football biographies.

So it appears Shugsty is an editor of Scottish-related football biographies. His articles he has help create on wikipedia are as follows

Articles created:[edit]
Paul McGugan – Celtic centre-half in mid/late 1980s, also played for Barnsley & Chesterfield

Ian Young – Celtic defender in 1960s, also played for St Mirren

Colin O’Neill – Motherwell midfielder that played in their Cup winning side of 1991, also a N Ireland international; this article needs more info

Steve McCahill – Dumbarton & Celtic defender in late 80s/ early 90s

Don Kitchenbrand – South African forward that player for Rangers in the 1950s, also played for Sunderland

Denis Connaghan – played in goals for Celtic in the early 1970s, won a league title and a cup

Liam Henderson – young footballer breaking to the current Celtic side

Dubai Champions Cup – unofficial challenge match held in late 1980s between the English and Scottish League champions

Quality Street Gang – the Celtic reserve side of the late 60s/early 70s that produced the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Danny McGrain, Lou Macari and Davie Hay

Peter Johnstone – played 200+ games for Celtic from 1908-1916, and died fighting in World War I.

Chic Geatons – played 300+ games for Celtic between 1927-41, also coached club in 1940s

Hearts F.C. and World War I – article re the en-masse enlisting of Hearts footballers to fight in World War I.

Articles I’ve added to significantly:[edit]
Danny McGrain – Celtic & Scotland legend; added much more info about playing career.
>Danny McGrain peer review page

Davie Provan – Celtic winger in 1980s, now a SKY Sports pundit. Added info box + outline of his playing career

Brian McClair – added info re Celtic career + added references to Man Utd section

Peter Latchford – Celtic goalkeeper in mid/late 70s; added info about career

Artur Boruc – expanded info on Celtic career and have added as much info on his earlier club career in Poland that I can find (Google translate came in handy, my Polish isn’t very good….)

Henrik Larsson – added references, expanded info on Celtic career and his return to Sweden, struggling to find much verifiable info on his early Helsingborg and Feyenoord career

Ralph Milne – before I started, his bio had half a page devoted to his stint at Man Utd (when he was p*sh), and one sentence on his time at Dundee United – where he made nearly 300 appearances, played regularly in Europe and won a league championship! So, I added info to his Dundee Utd career.
>Ralph Milne peer review page

History of Celtic F.C. – added bits here and there, re-organised some of the material into a more chronological order, added references

Andreas Thom – expanded info on career; was the first East German to transfer to a West German team and was hugely successful prior to that at Dynamo Berlin, but I’m not able to find the verifiable info to expand this into a decent article.

Allen McKnight – N Ireland goalkeeper late 1980s; added info on his stint at Celtic

Sam English – played for Rangers and Liverpool in the 1930s; re-wrote article + added references

Ricky Warwick – frontman of heavy rock band The Almighty and lead singer with Thin Lizzy spin-off band, Black Star Riders. Re-organised article, added content and added references.

Enrico Annoni – Italian defender (1990s) who had 2 year spell at Celtic in late 90s

Fraser Forster – Celtic and England squad goalkeeper; trying to keep article up to date.

Anthony Stokes – Celtic and Ireland striker; trying to keep article up to date.

Kris Commons – Celtic attacking midfielder; trying to keep article up to date.

Dougie McDonald – Referee caught out lying in 2010 and has recently attempted to get Google to remove links to newspaper articles on him from that time. I particularly enjoyed updating this bio! 🙂 The material I added has since been removed by other editors who felt that the detail on the penalty incident ‘unbalanced’ a BLP article. 😦

Andy Goram – Oldham, Hibs, Rangers & Scotland ‘keeper – added more info to his career biog. Probably more stuff that can be added for his personal life, but is controversial and I’m struggling to find adequate references.

Eamonn Bannon – Hearts and Dundee United midfielder – added more info and refs to his career

1967 Intercontinental Cup – inglorious punch-up between Celtic and the Argentinian hacking/spitting machine that was Racing Club of Buenos Aires

Celtic F.C. in European football – expanded article, verified and corrected scores/ stats

Scotland national rugby union team – added references (100+) and added info to history 1970s-2000s

List of Celtic F.C. managers – expanded into a full bloodied article and verified stats with references from FitbaStats

Charlie Nicholas – added more info to article, particularly his first stint at Celtic + more info at Arsenal too. Later career still needs work though.

Tools I use[edit]
Reflinks tool

Categories: Wikipedian Celtic F.C. fans

No sign of Graphic design so I do a wee google search of “Shugsty Celtic” as seen below


And this is when you get the sick in the pit of your stomach feeling when you look at the bottom line of the screengrab below



Now I have never seen the likes of this before especially not what you are expecting from an innocuous search such as “Shugsty Celtic” that only returned 2 pages.

And I aint clicking on any fucking link that’s what the FBI are paid for and if you like me report this to them they must surely act and investigate with not just the red flags on this post but the numerous other red flags that have been raised in the other posts in this specific blog.

Not just that but the despicable history Celtic Football club has of aiding and abetting Child abuse and rape at its Celtic Boys Club by decades of cover up and not handing over culprits to the Police instead pushing the out the back door with a clean bill of health so these fucking monsters could carry on doing what they do at other Football clubs!

Not Just that the only person convicted of the apparent decades old peadophile ring at Celtic park (LOL you have to laugh dont you or else you would cry only ONE person convicted in an apparent peadophile ring. Must have been the smallest peadophile ring in the world) Jim Torbett was heavily involved in fund raising for the forebear of the CELTIC FC FOUNDATION that is the the Celtic Charity Fund formed in 1995  by Celtic football club as a charitable trust with the aim of “revitalising Celtic’s charitable traditions”and before that with the aid of his Trophy Center Business.

The Trophy Center of course had 2 of Celtic’s hierarchy on the board Celtic’s chairman Kevin Kelly and the man who would still go on to be the SFA’s President Jack McGinn. Celtic continued doing buisness with the Trophy center whilst Torbett was languishing behind bars.

Dont take my word for it go and search for your self the fine work Anna Smith et al did with the Daily Record back in the 90’s

In 2006 The Celtic Foundation was established within the football club itself to co-ordinate the club’s social, educational and community work under one umbrella.

Coincidentally the same year as Comet Ping Pong was formed


The Celtic FC Foundation was established in late 2013 by merging The Charity Fund with the Celtic Foundation.

Now I dont know about you but there is more fucking red flags hear than in the Seville Matadors training academy for me.


When you consider it was the or indeed the American Police that could have put a stop to this back in the 90’s if it wasnt for a disgusting pack in Boston airport that saw the hierarchy of the boys club collude with the hierarchy of the Celtic Football club so that Frank Cairney ,another one , would evade U.S Justice.

Lets get back to Shugsty does anyone know who he is? It would appear that his name is Hugh or maybe his surname is Hughes?

And he’s involved in editing Books maybe he’s in the Journalist game anyway thats 1 for you all to go and investigate.

And remember if these Blogs have raised concern and red flags do like I have done and email it to the FBI.

Thank you and stay safe its an evil satanic world out there.


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