Just as Police Scotland have finished off giving each other slaps on the back and thought the dust had settled on the controversially arranged Rangers Celtic game on Hogmanay. It appears among with others they have made a major boo boo and a shit storm surely will be rising from the dust as I will exclusively reveal here on this blog.

The fat, bloated, Halloween cake, baw faced cunt that is pictured above taking a selfie with ex Rangers player Arthur Numan is Greenock born now living in the Republic of Ireland Michael Dickson a convicted Provisional IRA terrorist.

Not just any old Provisional IRA terrorist he was once in late 1990’s early 2000’s the most wanted terrorist suspect in Europe.

He Came to have such a moniker thanks to his involvement in the Osnabrück mortar attack on the 28 June 1996.

The Osnabrück mortar attack was an improvised mortar attack carried out by a Provisional Irish Republican Army unit based in mainland Europe against the British Army’s Quebec Barracks at Osnabrück Garrison, Germany.

IRA bomb at the British Quebec barracks, Osnabruck, Germany.

IRA bomb at the British Quebec barracks, Osnabruck, Germany.

The attack took place at 18:50, local time, when three Mark 15 mortar bombs were launched from a Ford Transit van. The devices contained more than 180 lb (81.64 kg) of explosive in each projectile. The van had been modified by Michael Dickson, who built the launch platform and aimed the tubes towards the barracks. The tubes were screwed to the floor of the van and masked with tarpaulins.
Thankfully no one was hurt mainly thanks to the bungling efforts of this feckless cunt Michael Dickson and his British hating IRA cohorts.

Two of the bombs fell short of the perimeter fence and failed to explode, but the third went off 20 yards (18.3 mt) inside the base, leaving a crater near a petrol pump. No fire was ignited, but several buildings, cars and armoured vehicles were damaged by the blast. The destruction was described as ‘substantial’. There were 150 soldiers inside the facilities at the time, but none were injured. An explosive charge was left in the vehicle with the intention of destroying forensic evidence, but the intact van’s plates allowed it to be traced to Yorkshire.

The IRA unit was composed of five members, two of them women, who had rented a holiday home in northern Germany where they built the mortar launchers.
This came as part of a concerted campaign of terror (as listed below) with the primary aim of the IRA with these events was reportedly to establish a permanent presence in mainland Europe.

The Bombing a British army base at Osnabruck in 1989.

A British Royal Artillery officer, Michael Dillon-Lee, was shot dead by the IRA in Dortmund, West Germany on the 1st of June 1990 . He was one of the most senior soldiers killed in the conflict – holding the rank of Major. In a subsequent car chase a West German police officer was injured when the IRA unit fired on the pursuing officers.

A large IRA bomb badly damaged a building inside a British Army base at Hanover, West Germany on the 14th of June 1990.

There was a train of thought at the time that the IRA was using the cover of Irish fans travelling to and from the world cup in Italy at the time another example of these child killing cunts infiltrating Football.

The Osnabrück mortar attack came on the heels of the Provisional IRA calling off a ceasefire on 9 February 1996 because of the exclusion of Sinn Féin from the peace talks. They ended the truce by detonating a truck bomb at Canary Wharf in London, which caused serious damage to property and, despite advance warning from the IRA, the deaths of two civilians. In early June 1996, another truck bomb devastated Manchester city centre.

The Provisional IRA activities of 1996–1997 were used to gain leverage for Sinn Fein in negotiations with the British government during the period.
Yes that same Sinn Fein that those anti-British bastards Fat stoat the baw Salmond and wee barren Nippy.


Remember that the next time you use your democratic vote that these Terrorist bastards tried and failed roughshod over with Armalite and bomb.

Back to the feckless Michael Dickson and how he became EUROPES MOST WANTED.
As I mentioned before Michael Dickson and his band of feckless Fenians thankfully fucked their operation up. He also left his driving licence at the scene of the crime.


What I haven’t mentioned yet was that Michael Dickson was an ex-ARMY!

He served in the Royal Engineers for eight years and was expertly trained to handle bombs and mines and had served in several British bases in Germany, but never in Northern Ireland.

Any way the discovery of his driving licence led to a quick man hunt and by early July with Police in Germany naming him as the mastermind behind the failed mortar attack at Quebec Barracks in Osnabruck and issuing a Photo of Michael Dickson outside a Homosexual sex shop in Amsterdam wearing a Celtic shirt .


The Germans said at the time Dickson, is a fluent German speaker who quit as an Army sapper in 1988, provided intelligence and assistance to the Provisional IRA bomb team.

A former Army pal at the time claimed Dickson served in the 35 Royal Engineers regiment, 44 Field Support Squadron, which was based near Hanover from 1985 to 1988.

He is said to have made trips to Osnabruck barracks while his unit was based in Hanover from 1985 to 1988.

Special Branch officers raided the terrorist ringleader’s home in Glasgow and also a house in the Greenock area which Dickson sold to a family friend.

A receipt for hiring a car in Hamburg had also been sent to his former home.


But there was no sign of the former British Army sapper Dickson who apparently traveled to Portadown in County Armagh and disappeared.

Despite Dickson having been under surveillance by the RUC and Garda and Hundreds of extra Gardai and Irish troops drafted to the border following a BSE scare being put on special alert to hunt for Dickson.

After working for a delivery firm in Paisley for several years, he transferred to Belfast after splitting from his Irish wife, Anna O’Driscoll, in 1995.

Michael Dickson worked at a bakers in Portadown for three months but left two months before the bombing – saying he was returning to Scotland as his mum was ill.

His white L-registered Rover was found outside a house in Portadown at the time.

A security source at the time said: “It seems there was some hold-up with the international warrant issued in Germany.

“By the time it was sorted out, he had gone.”

He fled Germany to France and caught the Le Havre-to-Cork ferry two days after the bombing.
Also at this time. July 1996, Terror cops swooped on houses in London’s Tooting and Peckham districts when armed police seized seven terrorist suspects and enough gear to make 36 bombs.
The coppers foiled an IRA plot to mount a bombing blitz on the London’s electricity, gas and water supplies.

By December of 1996 Michael Dickson is still on the run – from the security forces but also apparently by the Provos.

It was reported at the time the ex-British Army soldier had given his IRA “protectors” the slip in the Republic of Ireland.

And there were growing fears among IRA top brass he was about to give himself up.
Dickson was at the time dumped by his Irish girlfriend Shauna Dunbar and days later gave the IRA the slip. He is believed to be still hiding out in Ireland.

A source said: “He is now being chased by both sides. There’s a round- the-clock watch in Scotland for him.”

In the same month Timing devices found in another massive IRA explosives haul in London had been traced back to Scotland.

Anti-terrorist officers finger-printed employees at Schlumberger Industries after discovering the equipment – seized during a series of raids – was made in Port Glasgow.

Port Glasgow and Greenock ares is starting to sound to me increasingly like a fucking anti-British Pro-IRA terrorist HELL HOLE!

The London raid netted 10 tons of explosives and 1 IRA scumbag Diarmuid O’Neill, 27 who was shot dead. YAAAASSSS!

Officers from New Scotland Yard in London travelled to the aforementioned anti-British Pro-IRA terrorist HELL HOLE Greenock and Port Glasgow to take fingerprints from all employees who have worked at Schlumberger between 1992 and the present day.

Then it’s not until September 1998 that Michael Dickson resurfaces working as a mini-cab driver in Dundalk.

Dundalk is a Provisional IRA stronghold and is the headquarters of splinter group the Real IRA – the killers behind the Omagh bombing atrocity.

At this time Dickson is also wanted for questioning in connection with the IRA bombing of the Army’s Northern Ireland headquarters Thiepval Barracks Lisburn in 1996.

Military intelligence say he provided a military swipe-card and security details to terrorists who smuggled two car bombs into the top- security base.

One soldier was killed and 34 civilians were injured by two car bombs smuggled on to the top-security base.

Police believed that someone with inside knowledge of military security made the attack possible.
In a newspaper report at the time it said and I quote

“Dickson was born in the tough shipbuilding town of Greenock on the Clyde where he was well-known for his anti-Protestant views.

After leaving the Army in 1988, he joined a republican flute band which played at pro-IRA demonstrations in Ireland and then settled down in the now notorious Garvaghy Road area of Portadown with the daughter of a well- known local republican.

Soon after the German bombing he moved across the border to Dundalk and now works for a mini-cab firm.”

An RUC source at the time said: “There is little likelihood of any moves being made to send him back, because of the peace process.

It’s not until he’s arrested in December 2002 on an international arrest warrant relating to the 1996 mortar attack whilst he was driving a lorry-load of contraband cigarettes and tobacco at Ruzyne Airport in the Czech Republic. That Stories of him resurface in the papers.

In January 2003 it was reported that the reason Dickson was out smuggling cigarettes in the Czech Republic was because he fell out with Provo chiefs.

Greenock-born Dickson had been working in bars in Dundalk in the Republic of Ireland.
But Dickson fell foul of his Provo pals after selling two Celtic supporters clubs in Dundalk season tickets which didn’t exist.

The first time was Cheers bar in Dundalk and second the Celtic bar just 100 yards up the road.
What are they cunts like? Never trust them t’would steal the sugar oot yer tea as my auld Protestant Grandmother would say.

Many of the club members -who he robbed- are understood to be in the IRA.

It’s thought he embarked on the tobacco run to make enough money to set himself up abroad.
A pal of the fugitive said at the time “Dixie had to get out of town or the IRA boys would have put a bullet in him.

“He stole thousands of pounds from the Provos over the last few years with his season book scam.

“Because of his IRA connections, he got off with it the first time.

“But when he ripped-off punters at another bar in Dundalk, he had no option but to leave town. It was only a matter of time before he went missing – permanently.”

A close friend in Dundalk said at the time “When Dixie pulled the scam the first time he blamed everyone else for the problems with the tickets.

“That was accepted at face value and he escaped any form of punishment because he has friends in high places in the IRA.

“But when he pulled an identical scam, everyone was asking, `Is this guy asking for a bullet in the head?’ He had to get out of town. He stole money from the Provos – twice.

A source added: “You don’t rip- off the Provos twice in a town like Dundalk and get away with it.
“It’s maybe a good thing that he has been caught. Whatever punishment he’s handed, it will be nothing compared to what he’ll face if he returns to Dundalk.”

Not only that but it appears Michael Dickson gets about.

Northumbria Police linked him to the attempted assassination of an IRA informer in Tyneside in 1999.

Northumbria Police released a 10-second tape recording of a Scotsman, now thought to be Dickson, whom they said had been involved in the murder attempt on Martin McGartland.

The voice was captured on the answering machine of a man who had been selling a van.
Dickson became an Irish citizen through marriage and couldn’t be sent from the Republic to Germany to face trial because there is no extradition treaty between the countries.

That’s probably why so many fucking Nazi war criminals hid there after the war.

He was extradited to Germany from the Czech Republic and sentenced to six and a half years for attempted murder and setting off an explosion. He served his sentence in Celle maximum security prison in Germany, and was released after serving 27 months of his sentence.

Now as you can see Michael Dickson has quite the rap sheet when it comes to Anti-British protestant hating terror.

Which begs the question why was this high level devious terrorist fucker allowed anywhere near Ibrox never mind -as it appears in the next pic he posted after the Numan one- Inside it in THE RANGERS SECTION????????


Nevermind rent a mob G4s who Celtic and IRA songster Dr John Reid was on their Board of directors. What about the Police in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland???

Too busy frog marching young teens for singing naughty songs? Too busy checking to see if they have naughty banners?

What about the security services in said countries why is this cunt allowed to travel freely to and from Ireland and Great Britain?

I will tell you why because of that cottaging wanker Tony Blair and the rest of the deviants in the last Labour Government who gave bastards who murder innocent woman and children comfort letters or on the run letters.

While Marine A -who looked his enemy in the eye not leaving a holdall full of Semtex in a busy pub and then running away like the cowards they are- languishes in jail this anti-British bastards like Michael Dickson gets to roam free.

It doesn’t end there. Michael Dickson is still eligible for his fucking British Army pension!!!



Anyway there is a way for everyone to rectify this. I’m sure the clever people reading between the lines can see what I am getting at as to why he was in the west enclosure with people he would see as viable targets.

Police Scotland can still easily identify him and any accomplices from CCTV pointed at the west enclosure. Find out what he did was he acting suspiciously? Fuck I would be acting weirdly if I was stuck in the Broomloan road on that day surrounded by 7000 anti-British IRA love cunts.

Look at the Countries I have Mentioned Germany, Czech Republic. The Mainland European network of anti-Western,loony left wing terrorists that he had to evade a European wide man hunt and still cultivates to this day.

His history of terrorism, his jobs driving trucks.

I’m sure I do not have to spell it out but I will in another blog if I have too.

Instead of dawn raids on people singing naughty songs or tweeting about Neil Lennon I think this cunt needs a big chap at his doors.

As that fat Peadophile protecting, Child rape victim threatening cunt Bobby Storey said.



Until then I think security at the Club and Pubs and clubs near Ibrox need to recognize this face.



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