I’ts been a long auld road but thanks to our friends in Law enforcement and Journalism south of the order and more Importantly brave Footballers from all levels of the sport bravely speaking out it looks like Great British Justice will be administered and the victims will be able to see some of their abusers in court.

You know dealing with one of the most heinous of crimes imaginable to Humankind takes a toll on you. Sometimes and I’m not ashamed to admit it I go to my bed Crying at night for all the Victims of the said heinous crime. Don’t get me wrong my pain is minuscule compared to that of the victims who are victims of the abuse and then second the victims of the cover up by the organisations who let it happen. You learn this from trying to walk in their shoes and see it from there perspective.

More worryingly you try to put yourself into the Deviant, the sexual predator the Child Rapists perspective (which is hard because no normal person is wired up that way)and you start to get a glimpse at how they tick. Then you see that places like youth football are prime targets for these BASTARDS. Then same goes with CHARITY!

While the most of us if we are inclined to coach kids would think I’m doing my bit for society Helping Young people get, being part of a team, Helping them excel individually in the team whilst being part of it and developing their character. THESE FUCKING DEMONS see fresh meat to prey on.

And you realise it’s like a drug to them and they wont stop and they will find anywhere and anyway they can to be in a position of power over young Children.

Which gave me no surprise when Rangers made front page when it was found that they had one in their midst Gordon Neely.

The facts are to this story is Gordon Neely was employed by Rangers between 1986 and 1990. He said something inappropriate towards a youth player. The Players Dad was a Policeman got wind of it went straight to the club. The Club sacked Gordon Neely and he never worked in football again.

More Facts Gordon Neely had a long career before his over 3 years at Ibrox before he was rightfully sacked and never worked in youth football again. Although the so-called Journalist Marcello Mega (who I will be coming to in a minute) fixates on Rangers he had worked at Edina Hibs and Hutchison Vale boys’ clubs Dundee United and Hibernian.

What the so called Journalist Marcello Mega (Who you could assume he is a Hibernian fan from the evidence that will be provided via a link below) didn’t mention but another Edinburgh based Journalist did was that Gordon Neely only arrived at Rangers because allegations of Child abuse at Hib’s where covered up by the very top of Scotland’s original Racist, Sectarian, seditious football club.

I mentioned Edinburgh based Marcello Mega and the probability of him knowing about Gordon Neely was Peadophile by him being a Hibernian fan from the link below by Vanguard Bears who did a bit of digging and found out he was a friend of rampant IRA Fenian and Alex Salmonds close friend Jim Slaven.

I’m glad people are doing their own digging on people they think might have an agenda against Glasgow Rangers because you only have to scrape the surface of the numerous sometimes random people who dont really know anything about football but have an incendiary hatred towards a football club Glasgow Rangers.

Yvonne Ridley for one. One of the many I have exposed or who as I call her after being captured by the Taliban ‘Kandahar Jane’ -you know she used to be called the Patsy Stone of fleet street?

FFS Fleet Street must be rough-  they all seem to be part of some loony left, wing anti-British hate mob.

121872-14 George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley rally

Anyway I digress back to Marcello Mega now no doubt he falls into that company with Yvonne Ridley but he also throws in “It’s aw run by ra Freemasons so it is by ra way”


All we need for an Anti-British Bingo full house is a picture of him draped in a Palestinian flag.

One assumption I made that was false was that Marcello Mega was I called him a Hibernian supporter I was wrong as you will see below like George Galloway his local team formed to cause division in Scotland by Irish immigrants did not match what was in offer at Celtic park.


Oooopppps too late Marcello


If you to think what goes through the mind of a Bheast when hes been invited to teach kids about Journalism in Dunbar and he says to himself “Dig oot ra Tic tap”

Now the Gordon Neely Scottish Sun front page splash was on 4th of December. Four days before the one of the worst kept secrets in Scottish Football Jim McCafferty just 1 cog in a bigger Bheast machine was eventually splashed on The Daily Records front page.

Now according to my sources this was of no coincidence. What happened before in those four days before Jim McCafferty -Who according to 1 top award winning sports reporter knows where the bodies are buried both physically and metaphysically- front page was furious smear campaign  against Rangers by not only Rangers hating Journalist Marcello Mega but also Rangers hating Journalist the BBC Marks Daly ordered by their paymasters. The starting gun according to my sources was when Celtic got a tip off that Jim McCafferty was being exposed in Irish version of the Record and then was to be prosecuted about his time at Celtic and was going to be put on remand in a notorious Prison full of dissident IRA members.

Below is a report by Mark Daly on the BBC flagship

Note although the story has nothing to do with Rangers there are loads of blatant reference to Rangers and blatant innuendo.

That video was only tip of the Iceberg go back and see the flurry of activity between those two dates.

Since then we have had Rangers being linked to Gordon Neely taking youth players to a YMCA in Manchester decade before he even joined Rangers because one of the boys went on to sign s-forms with Rangers and pictured in a Rangers top.

It really all would be laughable except in the case of Mark Daly who according to Craig Houston has been door stepping and cold calling anyone he can think of to stand up his smears is doing it all on the BBC’s Licence payers money and not for the first time as we all know.

Anyway Marcello and Mark keep it up because its all going add weight to the decades long organised peadophile ring that has went on at your club and will all end in tears for your club as part 2 of this Blog will outline.

 Sadly the Justice that will come about in Scotland after decades of cover up will not have been started from an Independent Scotland but from our UK brothers and Sisters in the Journalism Police forces and the world of Football.

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