You know I started this Blog when I picked up the Sunday Mail and I read the front page about a bastard called Father Thomas Mullan who he his Lawyers and the Legal establishment in Scotland thought they had got away with child rape by using a legal loophole.

I said to myself “TOO FUCK WITH THIS!”

Now I started this Blog late September 2012. when Rangers where in bottom division. Well after Craig Whyte was no longer owner and Charles Green took over. Well after Sir David Murray sold Rangers to Craig Whyte. I had no problems going to 3rd division we as fans never did anything wrong we just had to take our medicine and get on with it.

But by September 2012 the witch-hunt against Glasgow Rangers was still in full flow and was quite clearly sectarian and anti-British in it’s nature.

So seeing this front page got my back up no end so I decided to take a look at the History of the Roman Catholic church in Scotland and to see what I could dig up.

The avalanche of filth and depravity that I found shocked me to my very existence and made me think why the fuck is this Demonic institution still allowed to operate?

Especially since a fat fuck from Celts for change can stand with a Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell over the grave of a Marist Brother who died over 100 years ago  buried in a School that itself has history of vile sexual crimes towards children and Say “Glasgow Is the capital of anti-Catholic Bigotry”

The sad fact of the matter as you will see in this blog with in a blog VATICAN’S SHAME SCOTLAND’S BURDEN which you will see will span into over 100 yes 100 parts. Is the Roman Catholic Church is a law unto in Scotland.

If a chain of Children’s soft play’s in Scotland had done 1% of what the Roman Catholic church in Scotland has committed they would all be shut down and the Owner and the predators slung in Jail.

When I looked to predominant Roman Catholic countries who have suffered the same Child rape on what can only be described as an Industrial scale hold their own independent enquiries hell even the Republic of Ireland which was best described as a “priest ridden backwater” after it became an independent country then why has Scotland -the so-called epicenter of anti-Catholicism according to Celtic’s CEO Peter Lawwell – hasn’t have one?

Anyway I will try my bit as a freeman in this so-called secular democracy Scotland to say my bit starting with this disgusting piece of shit Father Gerry Nugent as Part 1.






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