If you are going to plagiarize and try to pass it off as one’s own and this goes out too a few sites please have the common decency and at least link back to the original.

Here on this very site the Genesis of the Story of the fight back against the Roman Catholic church in cahoots with the Scottish National Party and extreme left wing nutters attempted coup d’etat of the country that great free thinker Voltaire said “It is to Scotland that we look for for all our ideas of civilisation”

Well he must be spinning in his grave at what has befell the country of what he spoke of!

This isn’t the first time in History that the Roman Catholic church has backed a small minority of rabid Nationalists for their own nefarious means. One only has to cast their minds back to Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany but anyway I digress.

Now before I started this blog I was asked to do one on numerous stuff I happened to find regards the Hypocritcal treatment of Rangers but it was all really tit for tat stuff and I’m sorry David Murray and Rangers or at least I thought at the time where big enough to look after themselves.

I’ve said before the main reason for me doing this blog was reading a story in SEPTEMBER 2012 about a Father Thomas Mullen who was about to go Scott free on a technicality over a case that involved him Abusing boys in his care over a period of decades.

You can read the Genesis here

But that wasn’t my only motivating factor the other factor I heard was a story of 2 teenagers arrested at a football ground singing a song that there was an apparent peadophile ring operating at Celtic park in plain sight for decades.

Now I was disgusted at this considering we are now all being told dont keep quiet about Child Abuse come forward if you  have any information etc etc.

So I decided to do a bit of digging on both fronts and found out there seems to be some strange links between the 2 sordid affairs.

My Blog the Picture at the top and the 1 below blew this whole thing wide apart and lead to 4 Priests starting to scream as their conscience seemed to get the better of them after years of sweeping it under the carpet.

And with that now onto the feature presentation.

What I am about to exclusively reveal is something I have been keeping up my sleeve fro when the SNP’s Schutzstaffel tried to silence me. Above is a Picture taken from the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic church of Kilsyth website and I have posted it on one of the first blogs on this site and I’m pretty surprised to one picked up on it.

Now If you click on said picture you will see that it says among other things

“On one of his holidays whilst he was stationed in Kilsyth he went to Holy Cross Parish in Harrison, New Jersey to say Mass for John Penman and Grace Docherty of Kilsyth who had been married in that Church in August 1927. This is the picture is of him in front of the beautiful Alter there that day.

Holy Cross Harrison and the neighbouring Parish of Kearney, New Jersey were the original destination of many immigrant families who left Kilsyth, Auchinstarry and Croy for a new life in the USA during the 1920’s and 1930’s. As a result there is a large ex-patriot Scottish population there with links to this part of Scotland which was emphasised in 1964 when a group from the Kearney New Jersey Celtic Supporters Club came to Kilsyth St Patrick’s and donated the beautiful crucifix of ‘Christ the Priest Triumphant over death’ upon the opening of the new St Patrick’s Church. This crucuifx has been in the church ever since and now hangs on the back wall.”

So we have a Priest accused of abuse of boys over a period of decades who was part of St Patricks Roman Catholic Church in Kilsyth. As was his superior Cardinal Keith O’Brien who himself has been accused of abuse over a period of decades. Finally we have -I know its hard to keep track-  St Patricks Roman Catholic Church in Kilsyth which was run by Canon O’Connell Cardinal O’Briens mentor and close personal friend of one of the most notorious peadophiles in history Jimmy Savile!

You keeping up? You take all that in?

Right we have all that and also we have this Priest Father Thomas Mullen making visits to Kearney New Jersey the sordid scene that started yet another cover up at Celtic regards alleged peadophilia involving Tommy Burns close personal friend Frank Cairney, both pictured below.





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