I’m interrupting the last of this beautiful night’s sunny weather to bring you a quick blog I really dont want too but what I have seen has just ripped my fucking knitting right up!

I really did not want to get embroiled in this recent Racism row of tit for tat pish although we need too as when ever it is Rangers fans it is highlighted and magnified to the heat of a 1000 suns!

Nil By mouth come under their rock!

Celtic supporting SNP politicians come out creating a fuss when they were noticeable by their silence when effigies of British protestants where hung from their stadium and their own culture has mad men drive 200 miles to kill shop keepers all because a 7th century illatrate warlord told them too!


See I didn’t want to get into this pish.

You see it is as futile as hitting your head of a brick wall because all these groups yer Nil by Mouths yer F.A.R.E yer 1 thats run by the IRA bigot who lied about playing in an F.A cup final with Sunderland all of them.


Not only are in Celtic pocket but are in their wee gang.

This is something the Handwringers need to get through their heads and I did a few years back.

These groups see Rangers as the last remminance of British, Unionist Protestantism that needs to be wiped out in their brave new world.

When I wrote the mission statement of this blog “A handwringer is one who feeds a Bheast hoping it will eat them last” I was on autopilot. I didnt really fully grasp it but over the last few years it has became very apparent and self evident what it means.

It dosnt matter what you do what you give in too how much you appease them the bastards wont stop until we are wiped of the face of the earth.

As we have seen over the last few years.

They dont like the Union Flag its as simple as that thats what it boils down too the flying of the flag of our nation whether you wave it because its the colour of your club or because you think Rangers are reliving battles of yesteryear  by the simple act -or not so simple as this season has shown- winning a game.

They hate the union flag and everything it stands for which ironically makes them fucking bigots

So this leads us to when Rangers do something wrong -and these fans,I’m sure they will admit after their moment of madness did do something wrong- these aforementioned organsations assemble big time and when they get going they are like a well oiled machine, press interviews, TV, Radio etc all the time the are complicit in their silence when any of their pals in their wee gang the N.U.S, N.U.J , The Labour party, Celtic are accused or are flagged up by people of antisemitism and Racism.


Any way I digress back to what I think is a pertinent tit for tat point that has been brought to my attention the knitting ripper.

The aforementioned Rangers fans where quickly identified and banned for LIFE by Rangers for monkey gestures towards Celtics Scott Sinclair.

After seeing today’s display (pictured above) at Celtic park after a week of aforementioned organsations milking the situation all week in the papers -when there was something going on in Modesto- Reminded me of Sean Smith -the Celtic fan who ran down several seats from his seat to monkey gesture towards El Hadji Diouf taking an iniquitous corner that Rangers propbably did fuck all with- and what happened too him.

Now from what I remembered Celtic Football club gave him a lifetime ban and he was probably fined but what I found out amazed me and should put a shiver up the Rangers fans or any Rangers fans in the future doing such a gesture in the heat of the moment.

You see Sean Smith Pictured below going to court was JAILED for 3 MONTH! Thank  God he wasn’t singing the Billy boys.

So thats JAILED and banned for life from Celtic right?

Well 1 of the above is right as the picture below suggests and the comments beside said picture suggest.

It seems being jailed for committing racially aggravated breach of the peace doesn’t merit a lifetime ban from Peter Lawwell and Celtic.

Well what do you expect when Racist Leigh Griffiths is still rattling goals in for them and contract extended.

Not only that Sean Smith is mad keen on a foriegn anti-British terrorist organsation aswell!

As well as “A Handwringer is one who feeds a Bheast hoping it will eat him last” motto I am also proud of my “We will take no lessons in Morality from the likes of you” statement.

And until so-called punishment is deem fit by Celtic Football club as the one above We will take no lessons in Morality from the likes of you!

Scott Sinclair might as well held aloft this T-shirt pictured below

Not that untouchable Celtic or their Bought and paid for puppets will give a monkeys!




  1. Anne Roberts says:

    Can’t agree with you enough on this topic. Thank the Lord we have you and anyone else taking this lot to task. Good point well made.

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