They say a picture tells a 1000 words and I could probably sum up this blog up in just that they picture I’m about to show you below.

If someone asked me to sum up Scotland, the country of my Birth, by the means of a doll before the Scottish Nationalist party took power over 10 years ago the picture below would do exactly that.

Fun, warm, friendly. Bedecked in the many types of Tartan that represents different clans of our country.

We’ve all seen them up and down the royal mile of Edinburgh. A nice wee welcome image for the tourists and visitors to our country to get a wee warm glow.

Maybe it will induce them to spend some hard earned money on some fucking tat made in a sweat shop in the far east then take their fat -not always but mostly North American- arse back the fuck home from whence they came with a fond ye farewell and a Haste ye back.

Now If someone asked me to sum up Scotland, the country of my Birth, by the means of a doll after the Scottish Nationalist party took power over 10 years ago the picture below would do exactly that.

JESUS FUCKING WEPT! A grown adult actually made that thing.

That so-called grown adult goes by the name of Mariea Hughes pictured below

She’s the one on the right by the way. The other is somewhere very hot and I’m just about finishing off my jelly and ice cream.

Now you can read more about Mariea in the blog below by the Imperial Bears.

Which details their fears and the fears I have that Mariea is not some loner whack job dressing up dolls in Balaclavas and giving them wee AK-47 assault rifles to play with.

That in fact part of an ever growing dissident anti-British terrorist supporting community in Scotland which sadly is fast becoming a backwater hanks to the SNP not only tolerating them but actively courting them in their desperate attempt to break up the United Kingdom….


Warped blood thirsty Anti-British Cunts actually part with £100’s for one of these Dissident dolls – A my little Provo if you will- for their kids -THEIR FUCKING KIDS- to play with.

Which begs the question where is this money going and is it all accounted for.

Another question you could ask is whats the difference between blood thirsty anti-British she devil Mariea Hughes and the ant-British black widows Rizlaine Boular, Mina Dich and Khawla Barghouthi.

Who all appeared in court in London charged with terrorism offences and conspiracy to murder in May of this right at the start of this frenzy of Anti-British Islamofacist terror we are all witnessing right now.

In my opinion the question asked is there is no difference! Their love for anti-British terrorism has just manifested itself in different ways.

You could argue that one type of Anti-British terror is courted by the SNP and one isnt but you would be wrong.

You just know that fucking imbecile John Mason SNP and his ilk were justitching to say after the Ariana Grande concert.

“Well ‘British imperialists’ in Palestine blah blah ……”

Well you know what John? You fuck off too Palestine then!

You probably would enjoy it John under Hamas rule they hate Gays too.

No thankfully the worm is turning.

The British Lion has been getting wagged for too long from it’s flea bitten ant-British parasitic tail

It wont be too long before the vast Majority of proud Scots wake up and see the dangerous road the Scottish National Party has been taking us down for the last 10 years and you could argue since 1979 and come to their senses.

Then what will Mariea and her IRA terrorist loving ghouls do?

Well in my humble opinion they will resort back to type and get a bit bomby as they always do when they don’t get their way democratically.


Hyperbole I hear you cry

well read this.

‘IRA and ISIS working together to launch CAR BOMB CAMPAIGN on Britain’

Now one of the reasons I started this blog -and I’m quite sure Imperial Bears would agree to this too- is that when that day comes and it sadly will.

The Authorities cant say

“Oh where did that come from? We never seen it coming!”

Well this Blog and others will contradict that.

The voluminous complaints made to the Authorities about this growing threat will contradict that.

I have not only been stockpiling evidence on this menace for that day but also to cover my arse. Since day one for when Sturgeons and Salmonds schutzstaffel come smashing down my front door at 6 a.m

My only crime being a Rangers fan with an opinion.

Fuck I’m surprised it’s not happened 5 years ago when I a mere pawn took out a Bishop -well Cardinal close enough- Who was trying to take out a Queen.

In the blog dated 14th of September 2012 BIG KIETH KNEW below.

I guess I came to the table with a full house and was prepared to make enough song and dance about it to show the world that Scotland a country so Lauded by Voltaire had become a fucking little back water under SNP rule!

As I said at the start theres more Blogs to come with evidence I have been amounting over the years just how organised this threat is not just on a local level but an International and Global level.


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