I’m going to start this blog with a wee caveat, As I am want too do, but I will keep it brief.

I will though come back too this topic in a future blog as its a very important one and pertinent to what I try to get across in this blog from the start.

With the imminent supreme court verdict on “The Big Tax case” due any moment it really doesn’t matter if ‘we’ win or lose.

Nothing will justify the evil and abhorrent witch hunt of Rangers Football Club all because the instigators of said bigoted witch hunt, hate the club for what they perceive it stands for, ultimately British Protestantism.

In the process of writing this blog and unmasking individuals behind said witch hunt. I have discovered it has brought about a disparate group of people who on the face of it don’t seem to be steeped in west of Scotland anti-Protestant, anti-British pro IRA terrorism knuckle-dragging NEDs .

The amount of man and women hours these cretins have put in to try and destroy our club the strings they have pulled behind the scenes in their influential circles in the likes of the loony left wing media and the Labour party-as this blog has proved and will prove in in this one- really is mind boggling both in it’s scale and it’s bias.

Anyone this leads us on nicely to our next unmasking and its a biggie re. RTC blog and also in the unmasking leads us off the well trodden tracks of west of Scotland anti-Protestant, anti-British pro IRA terrorism onto pastures new and then ultimately back again.

Bears and Bearettes I give you….


Now to make this brief -Yeah I know after I said I was going to make that caveat at the top brief- ROISIN MALLAGHAN (pictured above) on the face of it -at the time of height of the Rangers Tax Blog- a lonely spinster from north London in her late 50’s early 60’s.

Now how on earth did she get involved with the main players of the Rangers Tax case blog -Oh and she does know the identities of the main players of the Rangers tax case blog- ?

Well it all stems from her twitter account @roshbeth which will shine a light on it for us but not according to the first tweet you will see. You will have to dig to find the real truth.

According to this tweet she doesn’t even like football -which is a lie-so how do you explain the hatred and contempt for Rangers -and bhoy there is- on her twitter timeline?

AHHHHHH HA! the games afoot, the games afoot.

You see dear reader this would have brought her into contact with Rangers and indeed Brit haters based in the west of Scotland University of Strathclyde’s Mark Leiser and Lawyer Aamer Anwar, pictured below.

Mark Leiser who has publicly been outed as Rangers Tax Case which he firmly denied and I believe but to say he wasn’t heavily involved in it weather it be getting his hands on confidential emails or documents.

We are on our Rangers hating journey now but it appears ROISIN MALLAGHAN doesn’t need any encouraging in Rangers hating you see is a CELTIC and not surprisingly being from north London also an Arsenal fan.



But there Seems to be more to her Rangers hatred than just being a Celtic fan. It appears to me and the evidence of  the tweets you will see that ROISIN MALLAGHAN is nothing more than an Irish national Catholic bigot and that is the true reason that an elderly spinster from North London has taken an interest -for all the wrong reasons- in Scottish football.


Yes another bigot from outside Scotland that Scottish football can do without. But it doesn’t end there you see ROISIN MALLAGHAN wasnt born in London she was born in Belfast and grew up in the troubles in fact her cousin was shot dead during them.

So no doubt the old lady has a biased, bitter one sided view of the troubles.



I hear all Rangers fans say that have witnessed -lets go with the myth- Mo Johnstone first Roman Catholic to sign for Rangers, Paul le Guen Roman Catholic French manager, Lorenzo Amoruso Roman Catholic Captain, FFS John Daly an Irish Roman Catholic Captain

You see bigots like ROISIN MALLAGHAN are too long in the tooth, too embittered in their narrowminded view when they see institutions like the mighty Glasgow Rangers the green mist comes down and the dog whistle politics come out.

Add to that the fact that ROISIN MALLAGHAN is actually, literally part of the “Islington, loony lefty, Labour elite” The likes of the ex Labour MP Emily Thornberry, who had to resign over her contemptuous tweet about a working class man proudly flying the flag of his country on his own house.

Well they see institutions like the mighty Glasgow Rangers and her fans in the same light as that white van man in Rochester as embarrassing untermensch that need reprogrammed to their liking or exterminated in their version of their brave new world.

Thats what Handwringers have to get into their Heads! Thats what I had to get into my head, You cant just say ah well they are just going after the Orange Order they’ve got nothing to do with me!

You dont get it! It doesn’t matter Irish National Catholic bigots like ROISIN MALLAGHAN are too long in the tooth to hear you or differentiate.

I’m not Orange order but when it comes to the crunch I’m proud to be Scottish and British. Proud of my Protestant history the fact I dont wear it on my sleeve day in day out is neither here nor there.

First they came for the Orange Order etc etc

You could not Adam and fucking eve it the Labour party a party that was started by a white working class Protestant Scot Keir Hardie now in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Emily Thornberry, and ROISIN MALLAGHAN ilk has nothing but absolute hatred and contempt for anything perceived as such.

Well I’m glad to say that these people are on the way out and we the people the silent majority in this country are on the way back in.

Anyway that’s one of the circles ROISIN MALLAGHAN floats in the Labour party Islington elite you dont believe me?

Cast your eye back to the top of the blog and the Leveson pic. You will notice Labours deputy leader Tom Watson. Well ROISIN MALLAGHAN is very close to Tom and is quite his cheerleader certainly likes him more that Jezza as her timeline states. But heres 1 of her earlier tweets re. Tom Watson.

and if you have read my blog you will know Charlotte fakes was a big fan of the deputy Labour leader Tom Watson also.

As well as the Loony left London Labour elite circle ROISIN MALLAGHAN floats in she also floats in the Loony left London media elite i.e the Guardian and Channel 4 news both heavily involved with the Rangers Tax case if you have read my blog or you haven’t lived under a rock for past 6 years.

Which leads us to Alex Thomson

If you have read my blog then I dont need to say anymore on Alex Thompson

I said at the top I described ROISIN MALLAGHAN as a 60 year odd lonely north London spinster but it wasn’t easy to get a description of her I had to do a lot of digging to acquire said info.

Like the rest of the inner sanctum of the Rangers Tax case blog the big players the movers and shakers they are very guarded with their Identities but when you do it’s like discovering the holy grail of Rangers hatred.

They are guarded of their identities not because of safety bullshit it’s because they are biased and it leads back to the corridors of power at Celtic park or thanks to ROISIN MALLAGHAN all the way to the other belly of the Bheast in Scotland BBC Scotland and Pacific quay CSC.

And you dear reader will find out all about it in a future blog.


Don’t bother deleting anything I have all that I need







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