I have banged on long and hard (fnarr fnarr) about how the Rangers Tax Case blog was not only Racist, anti-British witch hunt but also sectarian in its very nature.

Well Brothers and Sisters I give you former Kilsyth, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Priest, Father Steven Gilhooley.(PICTURED ABOVE)

I have been told my source that Father Steven Gilhooley was an active poster on the Rangers Tax Case blog and I have no reason to doubt my source.

I know for a fact that Father Steven Gilhooley is quite active on Celtic forums and indeed he is NOT THE ONLY ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST who actively contributed to the sectarian, anti-British cesspits on the internet like Kerrydale Street and the Rangers Tax Case blog.

More on that other Priest will be revealed in future blog and what a sordid creature you will find him to be Dear Reader.

Anyway back to Father Steven Gilhooley you may remember him from such blogs as

The Gay Mafia? Me? O.K just call me Don Dontatella



3 men and a little taxi


Cut a long story short here is evidence of his Internet bampottery which leaves me in no doubt believing my source.

14/07/2012 – Scroll of Fame

To commemorate the watershed decision made by Scottish Football Annan Athletic are creating a Scroll of Fame, for a small voluntary donation fans names will be added to the scroll which will be displayed in our social club, the scroll will be replicated on our website. We would encourage visiting fans to put their names to the scroll and would also encourage other clubs to adopt a similar scroll, this way everyone can contribute as fans visit other clubs around the country. Fans from afar can also show their support by making donations. The proposed wording will be as follows but it can be amended to something better if necessary (no doubt that opens it up to some crazy suggestions but we would be open to a uniform message.
Postal donations should be sent to Annan Athletic FC, Galabank Stadium, North Street, Annan, DG12 5QH, please include your name (full name or nickname), town and club. We will have electronic means of payment available shortly.

Scroll of Fame

13th July 2012, Today Scottish Football made a watershed decision based on sporting integrity, everyone listed below supports this decision, furthermore we guarantee our commitment to Scottish Football and to the clubs we support.

You will see on above image along with obsessed Kerrydale Street and Aberdeen fans.

Steve Gilhooley, Switzerland, Celtic ~ ” 2 season tickets for deserving case”

That is the Father that the uber right wing Catholic ‘pressure group’ The Catholic Truth outed as one of the 4 Priests -3 serving 1 ex -who accused Cardinal O’Brien of serial sexual deviancy.

I sometimes like to think The Catholic Truth have a “DUN DUN DUUHH” after anyone says their name out loud just like the Monty Python “NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION” Sketch.

I’m told that the pics below see Cardinal O’Brien and Steve Gilhooley playing the role of St Columba in 2010 to celebrate St. Ninian’s day when Great British tax payers invited the head of the worlds biggest, systematic Child rape on an industrial scale organsation, to Scotland.


I do not know if that is true I cant verify it with the St Patricks pic we have at the very top but it would be interesting to find out.

Anyway I digress. Our Lady of Faith English Language Catholic Mission in Lausanne, Switzerland was where Steve Gilhooley was placed at the time of his donations, thanks to his overly pally relationship with Cardinal O’Brien.

I know an Annan Season ticket wont be the most expensive but how Steve Gilhooley just at the stroke of a key could grant 2 ‘lucky’ Annan fans season tickets I would like investigated.

Was thee auld collection plate diddled that week?

I dont know. I couldn’t say for sure, but all I will say it wouldn’t be the first time a thing like that has happened.

A wee aside, but is also very pertinent lead in this whole Rangers Tax Case cabal, is another member of the Gilhooley clan Steve’s brother Francis Gilhooley

You might have been unfortunate to have seen Francis in some of the abject unfunny shite that BBC Scotland’s comedy unit puts out and you could well ask why said abject unfunny shite gets commissioned.

Well dear reader if you want to read my previous blog to this and do a wee bit of digging into that it will lead you right up to the top of the Rangers Tax Case blog and it will be one that I will be touching on in a future blog if you cant be arsed.

Not only has Francis Gilhooley acted in said abject unfunny shite the ilk of dear green place and Still game he has written and directed a thing called the therapy room now I think there is still some footage of this online if you want your arse to be cringed like it never has been then I suggest you dig it out.

It is absolutely terrible, seriously fucking rank rotten.

Francis wrote it with another well known figure  ex Celtic player Jackie McNamara pictured below on set and at the premier below.

You might know that Jackie McNamara is from a well known marxist family his father Jackie snr. being very outspoken politically.

Yip that is the same Jackie Mcnamara that lined his own pockets to the detriment of Dundee United by selling all their best players to Celtic and taking a hefty chunk of the fee.

Ahem a case of “I’m all right JACKIE” oh I do make myself chortle sometimes.

Anyway Steve Gilhooley is not the only one in the Gilhooley clan that hob nobs with Scotland’s powerful and influential. oh no His brother Francis can be seen laughing and japing about on Loony left wing Scottish independence campaigner Francis Gilhooleys Fly Fishing Centre with former first minister Alex Salmond.

It’s amazing in my research I’ve do on Rangers Tax case the close relationship the vast majority of them have with the SNP seriously they seem to be at their beck and call Nicola Sturgeon makes wee guest appearance for them yet try and get her to go to a meeting about the back courts of Govanhill and she is nowhere to be seen.

Anyway back to the Fishing centre ….. oh thats right …..Hang I thought all property was theft?

Well you know what they say if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish he will feed himself for a lifetime. But why do that? for when the Marxist revolution comes me and the young team will just come down to the fishing centre and liberate the fish from their capitalist pig masters!

Only Joking Frank’s fishing centre after 25 years went tits up in 2014 all though I do believe there is a new fishing centre in the same place that has kept Frank’s history and fishing trophies.

Now I mentioned the Catholic Truth earlier and for an outsider who thought the Roman Catholic church was just 1 big humongous mess when you start to scratch the surface you find out you have an internal battle between the uber right wing like the Catholic Truth and the Marxist Liberation theology types of who Steve Gilhooley is one.

All though you could be mistaken with Father Steve Gilhooley “I’m all right Jack screw you” attitude when it comes to helping fellow people who have been abused and have had their lives ruined by the Roman Catholic Church.

Well they must feel disappointed that the likes of Father Steve Gilhooley and the other vile Priest I will expose soon, has time to fanny about sectarian websites stoking the flames of the so-called open and shut case Rangers Tax Case witch hunt .

The influential Father Steve Gilhooley has time to take the pish out of working class football fans he hates in the time of their clubs most desperate hours.

He has time to do all that. Yet not the time to help others effected, like he has been, by the world wide atrocity the Roman Catholic church has committed.

Some of whom which the abuse may have led them to take their own lives.

Which I will be investigating in a new blog titled


Talk about kiddie fiddling while Rome burns.



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