Right the less said about this Racist, sectarian bigoted non-entity the better but Racist, sectarian bigoted non-entity non the less, he plays an Important role in us finding this Cretin Barcabhoy and on the way proving my initial statement that the Identity of Barcabhoy goes all the way to the top of Labour and Celtic.

For all those who don’t know(I dont blame you)Lawrence Donegan,56, originally from Stirling,is a ex musician, ex journalist, and former Golf Correspondent at The Guardian.

A product of the yet another state funded bigot factory St Modan’s High School -it appears from his tweets- said tweets below

Now I’m going to play Devils advocate here for Lawrence Bhoy if H*n does indeed just mean Rangers fans and has no other hate-filled Racist,Sectarian connotations as Rangers is a club open to all then I will be willing to accept his pleas grudgingly……

OOOOooooops …..Oh dear, Oh dear,Oh dear.

And what would a Man the Bheast cant tame Blog be without a mention of the Ecumenical ubiquitous Spiersy speaky to his bigot pal ‘Lonnie’.

After going to Glasgow University He was a bassist in a couple of 1 hit wonder 80’s bands I’ve never heard of.

Donegan became a journalist and an author, moved to Donegal and released a series of shit books -FFS not another one- This is where we get our tenuous link to Barcelona. He lived out there and wrote a book about being a caddy to some pish Golf player ipso facto BIG GOLF FAN.

Seriously getting back to Scottish Journalism is there anycunt in it that isnt a bitter Rangers hating Bheast?

Well according to the tweet above NO That is the Editor of the Scotsman Newspaper in 2012 saying basically “FUCK EM THERE WONT BE A RANGERS IN 3 YEARS TIME!”

Lawrence is also Married to a former BBC Radio Scotland presenter -I know it’s fucking getting incestuous now- her name escapes me at the moment but they both have fucked off to the west coast of America Where Immigrant Lawrence Donegan rather precariously rants about their President Donald Trump Sometimes with Hilarious consequences as …. chortle..

Now the West Coast of America is also a clue to finding out the Identity of Barcabhoy as he appears to spend a great time there.

Oooops a wee clue a wee forsight of wich is too come in that image there for you dear reader as to both the top of Celtic and Labour

In between his lean times as a bumming Muso and Hack he worked as the House of Commons assistant to Brian Wilson Labour MP.While in that role, he was part of a one-off band called the Stop Its that recorded an anti-poll tax song of a similar name. The band also included David Hill, later a press spokesman for Prime Minister Tony Blair and Tim Luckhurst, who later became editor of the Scotsman newspaper and is Professor of Journalism at the University of Kent.

But Lawrence Donegans Labour links dont end there. Here we have Lawrence Donegans backing his oldest and best friend Richard Olszewski Running for Labour in the London local elections.

Richard Olszewski is of course a former SPECIAL -non of your hum drum run of the mill- but SPECIAL adviser to DUN DUN DUN Labours former Home secretary, sex pest, and as his own fans call him War criminal, Celtic’s Chairman Dr John Reid.

A brief glimpse into Mr Richard Olszewski social media use gives us an insight into yet another North London Labour elite Rangers hatred.

He follows Rangers Tax Case

And for a Londoncentric politician also takes an interest north of the border version of the BBC with regards to Rangers going on’s with this like below.

And the feelings mutual

Now what more links Lawrence Donegan to Barcabhoy and Rangers Tax Case?

Well below is I think the first acknowledgement of Rangers Tax case by Lawrence Donegan

Very interesting You see the real meat and potatoes of who Barcabhoy is, is in the Rangers Tax case blog. You see the 6th of June 2011 was the first time BarcaBhoy posted on it. Quite late in the game for someone who was wanking himself dizzy over -at that time- totally legal EBT’s.

Also BarcaBhoy is quite the critic of Celtic’s CEO Peter Lawwell.

and is also very close to the Celtic Board Very Very close.

But unless he talks to himself through other accounts as see below

and dont get me wrong its hard too rule out how deranged and fucked up in the mind these Rangers hating Bheasts are I dont think its him.

Besides I think we are looking for an even older man.

The games afoot Watson, the games afoot.






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