You know sometimes things get spooky, really spooky.

This Blog was supposed to have come to you last week.

Hell it was supposed to have come 5 years ago when I started this whole crazy thing by standing up to the oppression of British Protestants or the perceived British Protestants if your a Rangers football fan by the Roman Catholic church , their useful Scottish Nationalist idiots and by exposing their despicable attempted coup d’état of Scotland by whipping up hatred of PROUD BRITISH PROTESTANTS or perceived British Protestants Rangers football fans in Scotland, PROJECT MARGARITA!

I say 5 years ago it was 12th of November 2012 to be exact just after I in this blog EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED the sordid goings on between Jimmy Savile, the Roman Catholic church and Celtic Football Club, I wrote a blog and threw the wee bone by casually dropping reference to the sordid goings on and its links to the charity FAIRBRIDGE (SAID BLOG POSTED BELOW)

I threw the wee bone out for a number of reasons.

A. I think I had done enough exposing by that short time and it was time for a Journalist or Police Scotland TO MAYBE OH I DONT KNOW DO THEIR FUCKING JOB!

B. I was already in fear of Salmond and Sturgeons anti British Schutzstaffel banging down my door at 6 in the morning by exposing them and for what? Exposing paedophilia? Is what Scotland has become.

C. That this was big and went to the very top of Scottish society and if these cunts could make me disappear in Scotland just for being a Rangers fan with an opinion they could certainly make me disappear when you start poking your nose into this stuff.

Anyway I digress back to a week ago and the spooky goings on when I was fucking disgusted that option A. had not happened after 5 years and I was just about to hit the publish button when I hear the dulcet tones of Bernard Joseph Ponsonby, almost in mourning just like he would if the QUEEN had died (no laughing at the back now) on STV lamenting the death of Lord John McCluskey in hushed reverential tone.

A chill went down my spine as it did when I first started exposing this whole sordid affair and it will go down yours when you read the following blog.

Brothers and Sisters without further ado I gave you


John Herbert McCluskey was a Scottish lawyer, judge and politician, who served as Solicitor General for Scotland, the country’s junior Law Officer from 1974 to 1979, and as a Senator of the College of Justice, a judge of Scotland’s Supreme Courts, from 1984 to 2004. He was also member of the House of Lords from 1976 until his retirement in 2017.

John Herbert McCluskey or to give him his full Sunday name Lord McCluskey of Churchill in the District of the City of Edinburgh (How the hell do they all these Scottish Roman Catholic boys from Irish immigrant backgrounds get grandio se titles sitting at the back of the bus and you don’t Paul Larkin?) was born on June 12 1929 in Glasgow, the son of Francis McCluskey, a solicitor, and his wife Margaret, a schoolteacher.

What 2 middle class Irish immigrant, Roman Catholic professionals in Glasgow in the 1920’s?

I thought Glasgow was just full of bare footed poor Roman Catholics huddled over in ragged shawls and cloth caps running from 1 beating by the Billy Boys to the other. That’s the pish Celtic football club puts out, that’s the truth right?

Part of his childhood was spent in Manchester, where he attended St Bede’s Grammar School. Like many Roman Catholic institutions in the United Kingdom St Bede’s Grammar School has a rampant History of Child rape and being swept under the carpet.

A former teacher and priest at the school, William Green, was jailed recently for a total of thirty years various counts of indecent assault and indecency with pupils at the school in the 1970s and 1980s but pathetically will only serve a maximum of six years as the five terms will run concurrently.

A civil case is now being considered against the Catholic Church who said that the incident was regrettable. The diocese also said that it had co-operated with the police and that safeguards against this happening again had long been in place.

The sordidness doesn’t stop there. Monsignor Thomas Duggan, who had been Rector at the college during the 1950s and 1960s was alleged of committing mental, physical and sexual abuse of pupils at the college at that time.

The Salford Diocese has admitted its culpability. Although the Diocese has admitted knowing about Thomas Duggan’s actions in an audio recording of the Safeguarding Commission, nothing was done to highlight the actions of the Monsignor.

Big Salford Diocese Knew indeed.

When you think of the notable Alumni and irritating talentless cunts in the case of Terry Christian that has attended that college it does make you wonder seriously have a look on Wikipedia.

The McCluskey family returned to Scotland and John continued his schooling at Holy Cross Academy in Edinburgh Who he was a fellow alumni of His was his Eminence Gordon Cardinal Gray, who served as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh from 1951 to 1985.

His Eminence Keith Cardinal O’Brien, who served as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh from 1985 to 2013.

Lord Pentland, former Solicitor General for Scotland, now a Senator of the College of Justice.

Stuart John Wood, rhythm and bass guitarist and member of the 1970s band, the Bay City Rollers.

I mentioned Woody from the Bay City Rollers who we all know now was managed by notorious Paedophile and friend of Jimmy Savile Tam Paton, as it was not only the Legal world Lord McCluskey comfortably rubbed shoulders with.

John McCluskey defended Paul McCartney on Drug charges. All but one of the charges was dropped on technical grounds, and the former Beatle then pleaded guilty to growing cannabis, though McCluskey argued in court that McCartney had “a longstanding interest in horticulture” and had been sent the seeds by a fan at his farm on the Mull of Kintyre, with no notion of what might plants might emerge.


Lord McCluskey even helped his close pal Len Murray, McCartney’s solicitor (and close personal friend of the late Cardinal Winning) by giving multi-millionaire Dopehead McCartney three months’ grace to pay the £30 fine.


It is this world of entertainment or another part of the entertainment industry that Lord McCluskey  rubbed shoulders in for many, many years that I will be exposing in the next part of this blog.

Call me auld fashioned but I don’t think it will get a mention at his Funeral today.


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