Now in the wide world of Rangers hating Internet Bampotery this cat, one of the biggest RTC contributors Gerry Coogan AKA Henry Clarson takes the biscuit.

This is a guy who would have you believe he was a financial expert that would rival the hardest nose of the sharpest Wall street minds behind the moniker of his Henry Clarson Blog.

But have a look at the man.




You wouldn’t trust him with the 72 pence he looks like he would beg of you to go and see his fictitious maw in the Royal.

Have a look at his Twitter account @HenryClarson  for example of this Rangers obsession if you can stomach the sectarianism constant use of the sectarian word HUN which even the heavily biased Nil By Mouth have flagged up.

In his said Blog http://henryclarson.wordpress.com/ the reader is met with a torrential sectarian diatribe of Huns and Zombie Hun.



A blog that has just about the time Charlotte fakeovers came onto the scene of march of this year suddenly went silent.

The blog Compares Rangers Football club to electric shock treatment experiments where participants are evolved in experiments where sugar is posion and poision is sugar (Im not making this up), Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, organised crime and international money-laundering syndicates.

And that is just the tame stuff.

Gerry is in the ever decreasing Circle of trust of the Fuhrer of all Rangers hating Bigoted internet bampots Phil “Tarred with the sickening sectarian brush” Mac Giolla Bhain or at least I think thats what he is calling himself this week.

gerry and phil






Just one more thing.

It wouldn’t be just coincidence that Your god awful cod reggie band Man At The Window (that by the way makes sting look and sound like Buju Banton) on one of their “songs” ironically called Revelation, has the same picture of fellow internet bampot and hotly followed by the police CHARLOTTE FAKEOVERS?

Man at the window is signed by CKR (Seeker Records) is an Independent Record Label based in County Sligo, Ireland,

gerrycooganmanatthe window


Whyte owns the historic Castle Grant, near Grantown-on-Spey,



I wouldnt put it past auld Inverness based Gerry Bhoy to have paid him a visit at said castle. Who is to say if a said meeting happened some private and incriminating evidence was passed between the two parties?



Oh and if any Rangers fan would like a chat with Gerry Coogan about Rangers financial affairs you can catch him with Charlie in Johnny Foxes,  pub in Inverness.

If he is and Charlotte Fakes is one and the same it certainly would explain the poor choice in music of the first post the newly gagged Charlotte posted.

If you are one and the same and your passion for Rangers hating leaves me with little doubt then a taste of ones medicine is in order

Then who is this “woman” you are seen rubbing here?

it certainly isn’t your fiancee



If Gerry isnt Charlotte Fakes. Then he is certainly what the Police would call a person of Interest in the Polices ongoing investigation. In my Humble opinion.