Is Angela Haggerty the most powerful Woman in Scottish fitbaw?


This blog will attempt to answer this question.

But first we will turn our attention to a more cut and dried example. Scotland’s most powerful media organisation.

Oh and by the way dear reader you might want to get something to eat and drink cause this is gonna take a long time!

BBC Scotland has a long history of Publicly funded venomous Rangers hatred spewed out from the bowels at Pacific Quay.

Here are just a few of their recent crimes against the Rangers family that I can think from the top of my head.

In the early 2000’s BBC Scotland workers tagged photos on their website of a Rangers midfielder at the time as Kevin “cunt” Thomson” and a picture of Nell McAndrew modelling the new Rangers kit as “the hun”

In 2005 RANGERS chairman at the time David Murray slammed BBC Scotland Panorama documentary Scotland’s Secret Shame for portraying the Ibrox club as sectarian.

In 2006 RANGERS fans flooded the BBC with complaints after Kirsty McCabe a BBC weather girl referred to Ibrox as “Castle Greyskull”.


She told those planning to catch the Rangers v Livingston game they should “wrap up warm if they’re heading for Castle Greyskull”.
Castle Greyskull is a derogatory phrase, common on Celtic Internet forums that Celtic fans use to refer to Ibrox the home of Scotland’s most successful football team.

In fact in Celtic Football club had to disown an official history of their 2001 treble-winning season partly due to a reference to Castle Greyskull which they knew would be offensive to their Old Firm rivals.

A BBC spokeswoman in Glasgow said: “Several viewers phoned to complain about remarks …We are investigating the matter and will respond in due course.”

Rangers fan Dave Stewart at the time said “I thought I had misheard what she said but I replayed it and had to believe it. It’s a bit of a slur on Rangers to call Ibrox Castle Greyskull and not the type of thing you expect from the BBC.”

A BBC insider said: “Rangers fans were ringing in by the dozen to complain. Most were furious she had referred to Ibrox as Castle Greyskull and were demanding an apology from the bosses. But loads of people have been seeing the funny side as well.”

Oh yeah I bet they would be rolling in the aisles if the public funded BBC referred to Celtic Park in a manner that described the fact Celtic’s greatest ever manager Jock stein knew about an apparent paedophile ring operating out of and around Celtic football club. That he didn’t inform the Police thus letting the BEASTS rape God knows how many more children with impunity such as, oh I don’t know say “The Big Jock Knew Camp”?


A BBC spokesman was forced to issue an apology on Kirsty’s behalf and said “she was a Kilmarnock fan still sore at the loss of star striker Kris Boyd to Rangers” Aye right!

The irony is the brain dead bigoted fuckwits don’t realise that Castle greyskull was were where the good guys stayed!


In 2011 BBC Five Live presenter Nicky Campbell, who openly admits being the son of an IRA man. said that the attack Neil Lennon at Tynecastle, could have been a “Rangers supporters in disguise”.

When it was a clearly Hearts Fan wearing Hearts apparel who, I was going to say physically attacked Neil Lennon but cause of a balls up from the procurator fiscal trying to make it a sectarian motivated assault he was found not guilty. Despite Peter Croy of G4s Saying Wilson called Lennon ” A FENIAN BASTARD”

Wilson’s defence Lawyer said that Wilson had called Lennon “A FUCKING WANKER!”

The jury of seven women and eight men obviously agreed with John Wilson’s statement and deleted the reference to making a sectarian remark from the charge relating to breach of the peace, and that the offence was aggravated by religious prejudice. They returned a not proven verdict for charge two, which alleged Wilson assaulted Mr Lennon aggravated by religious prejudice.

G4s is of course a company former Celtic Chairman Labours John Reid is a Director.

This resulted in Nicky Campbell having to make an apology of sorts live on air in a later show. Thanks to the BBC being once again inundated with complaints from Rangers fans.


In 2011 RANGERS gaffer Ally McCoist banned the BBC and accused them of editing footage to suggest he sees Old Firm violence as a joke.

The Gers boss says the two-second clip of him suggested he doesn’t treat the issue seriously.

He also claims the prerecorded footage of him smiling is from a previous question about football and not violence.

A source said: “McCoist was livid when he saw the item. He reckons he’s been stitched up by someone editing the programme and made to look like he thought the question was a joke. Rangers decided to withdraw co-operation with the BBC until they clarify that he wasn’t smirking while being asked about such a serious issue.”

The BBC News at Ten included a report on the increased number of arrests during Old Firm matches and the rising cost of policing them.

McCoist was shown fielding questions from a female news reporter about violence at last season’s Old Firm games. He replied: “I didn’t really see any violence at any Old Firm fixtures.”

A close-up image of him smiling was followed by him being asked if he was concerned about fans’ behaviour. McCoist replied: “The behaviour of fans? No.”

The shocking piece of propaganda that would make Josef Goebbels blush made the attention of the MP for Glasgow North West John Robertson. Who accused the BBC of stirring up trouble.

He said: “Obviously Rangers feel the manager has been hard done by and have decided to take this action.”I’m sure they’ll sit down and sort this problem out. But I will say that I think the BBC have created this problem. At a time when Rangers and Celtic are working to bring people closer together, the BBC have decided to inflame the situation.”

The BBC was forced to apologise to Rangers manager Ally McCoist after what they called “an editing blunder.”  The BBC admitted that the editing of the piece was inappropriate.

A Beeb spokesman said: “Overall we stand by the merits of our report revealing the extent of violence after Old Firm derbies and the cost of policing these matches. 

However, we do accept that the sequence involving comments from Rangers’ manager Alistair McCoist could have given the impression that he did not take the issue seriously.

“The BBC accepts that Rangers Football Club and Alistair McCoist treat the issue of violence and disorder surrounding football matches as a very serious matter.

“We accept that offence has been caused by an inappropriate edit in the piece as transmitted and for that we apologise.”

McCoist, said “I was appalled. The club will not tolerate this type of reporting. Having worked in TV for many years, with the BBC, I know exactly what was done last Friday and I was disgusted with their editing. I am pleased an apology has been issued today.”

In NOVEMBER 2011 thanks to the work of Rangers blogger Chris Graham made Celtic Fan SNP Humza Yousaf MSP publicly appologise after Mr Yousaf implied on the BBC Scotland show Call Kaye, that Rangers’ fans had been involved in bigoted or sectarian chanting at the Hibs game at Ibrox on October 1st of that year.

BBC Scotland refused to make an on Air apology.

It took place during a show on Radio Scotland on the 3rd October presented by Kaye Adams. Below is a transcript of a conversation between Dr. Stuart Waiton (SW) of Take a Liberty (Scotland) and Humza Yousaf (HY),


SW – “There was not a single offensive song because they are already terrified of being arrested.”

HY – “You clearly weren’t in the stadium then because you must have not heard what a particular number of people who were at the game heard”

SW – “I was at the game actually I was sitting with The Blue Order”

HY – “Well then clearly you had your earplugs in then because if you couldn’t hear what some of the offensive songs that were being sung.”

SW – “What were the songs?”

HY – Ignores question.

Humza Yousaf was a member of the Justice Committee that oversaw the implementation of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill and a self confessed Celtic die hard.

In 2011, When Rangers where forced down to the bottom tier of Scottish football. BBC Scotland posted this petty, pathetic childish attempt to mock Rangers. Calling it The Rangers F.C


Childish, ill informed and petty bollocks you would expect to see posted by moronic bigots on Celtic forums. Not the BBC. One can only assume they never went the full hog and called us Sevco because it wouldn’t have put us at the bottom of the pile of Scottish Football.

In September 2012 RANGERS football club formally complained to the BBC after fans branded the Mad Men spoof scene, showing the club’s manager fall to his death at Ibrox, ‘disgusting’ and ‘unjustified’.

The Rangers boss Ally McCoist who has went through more turmoil at the helm of our great club than any manager before him was equally outraged over spoof BBC video. Saying he was “angry and disgusted” at the BBC over the ­“tasteless” title sequence. Which showed a silhouetted McCoist in the manager’s office wearing a club tie, then tumbling from the top of the stadium towards the ground, smashing the club crest on the way.

Mad Men spoof

The BBC claimed the sequence, broadcast before a League Cup win over Motherwell, was a ­“creative” reworking of the opening scene of US drama series Mad Men.

Suicide prevention charity The ­Samaritans said some could find it “distressing”. With Chantel Scherer-Reid of The Samaritans saying: “If anyone is distressed by this imagery, we would encourage them to contact us.”

BBC Scotland said: “It was a creative attempt to set up the clash between Motherwell and Rangers.
“We accept that the creative animation, however well intentioned, may not have appealed to everyone but we would like to stress that there was no intention to cause any offence.”

This came days after the club also criticised BBC Radio Scotland’s show Off The Ball called Super Ally or Fat Sally, which questioned if supporters still backed McCoist.

Off The Ball if you don’t know is hosted by these two male model, Adonises Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan. Thats when they are not being rented out to scare weans away from the fire place or being artists models for Halloween cakes.


Tam Cowan is just unfunny cretin with his overly disturbing pornographic mind constantly in the gutter with Smutty innuendo. one for the watching I would say especially from an organisation that boasts the likes of Savile, Hall and Harris on their books

Stuart Cosgrove on the other hand is something more deeply sinister about this seemingly intelligent University educated chap who would seem to know better.

The former Perth Altar boy has a long History of Rangers hatred mostly crossing the line into sheer unbridled sectarianism.

Cosgrove a self proclaimed St Johnstone casual and hardman (no sniggering at the back)


Told a St Johnstone fanzine:

“One time we were through at Hearts, and we were at Falkirk station on the way, on the same day Rangers were playing Falkirk. It was Huns galore -thousands of them, and there were maybe 40 of us in the CYS from Perth. We got on the train at Falkirk station, we just opened the windows as it started moving, and gave them ‘Orange wankers’ and all the rest of it, and of course as soon as we were moving – the train stopped and started moving back into the station! The driver must have been a Hun or something.”

But its not just semi-illiterate Perthshire farm hands he saves his sectarian venom for oh no dear reader.

The News of the World reported that “Scots radio star Stuart Cosgrove was booted off a station platform by cops for singing anti-Rangers songs” reported as “have you seen a handsome hun, No, No.”

Cosgrove reportedly responded to this in his newspaper column by saying, “can anyone truly say they have seen a handsome hun?”

Can you imagine such a response to a BBC presenter being racist or sectarian to any other group that wasn’t “Orange Wankers” or “Huns”? No apology, no inquiry, no issue. If anything, it could be seen by some as a defence of sectarianism .

In fact Stuart Cosgrove used to foul the publicly funded BBC air waves with the derogatory sectarian, racist phrase HUN to describe Rangers fans until he was forced to stop by BBC bosses by constant complaining of Rangers fans.

Stuart Cosgrove also stated live on air years ago that a proposed new Aberdeen SUPER STADIUM (LOL how is that working out for you Aberdonians?) should be called the “Ian Durrant Stadium”.

I mean what sick in the fucking head mind would think of that horrific assualt by thug Neil Simpson that took away years from the career of the most talented midfielder that Scotland had produced in may a year, as the best thing to call Aberdeen football stadium?

Stuart Cosgrove is the director of creative diversity at Channel 4.

images (3)

The Rangers fans, led by fans group the Vanguard Bears, have organised not 1 not 2 but 3 protests at BBC Scotland Headquarters highlighting the bias and the hatred in the way BBC Scotland reports on our club.

I’m pretty sure they wont be the last protests that Pacific quay will see from fed up Rangers fans.

Those Protests were before the BBC Scotland documentary “The Men Who Sold The Jerseys”  that according to Lord Nimmo Smith the material at the very heart of it was actually stolen from the Rangers Tax Case.

(SPL Independent Commission Report Section 98)

“Meanwhile, BBC Scotland came, by unknown means, into possession of what they described as “dozens of secret emails, letters and documents”, which we understand were the productions before the Tax Tribunal. These formed the basis of a programme entitled “Rangers – The Men Who Sold the Jerseys”, which was broadcast on 23 May 2012. BBC Scotland also published copious material on its website.”

Their Rangers hatred has actually lost them business too.

According to the excellent d’Artagnan blog SDMC Production Ltd  proposed a feature length documentary charting the story of Rangers. Originally planned as a joint venture with the BBC, SDMC Productions soon realised that the reputation and standing of BBC Scotland amongst the Rangers support made the prospect of the joint venture untenable, as an SDMC Researcher explained:-

“This was originally to be a SDMC & BBC project; however, due to the relationship between Rangers/The Fans and the BBC we have decided to fund this ourselves.”

And in fact just last night on BBC Scotland Comedy unit thought the Idea of blowing up Ibrox Stadium would be a hoot!


I don’t think they will be thinking it so funny when the no doubt have to explain to the Criminal investigation into apparent sectarian motivated mass killing by bombing which will follow such a vile comment!

You see this was no joke! the viewer wasn’t meant to see this in joke about a sectarian motivated atrocity about blowing up Ibrox stadium that was top of the list of things Glasgow City Council wanted to BLOW UP!


This was what actually went out to the public. But thanks to an eagle eyed Rangers fan no doubt BBC Scotland will have to be explaining themselves and apologising again.

This is not Hyperbole! We live in a country where a young man was sent to jail for encouraging people to “Neil Lennon’s a f*****g c***, get mair bullets and bombs sent, boys, Glasgow Rangers Champions.” and a young mans liberty was taken away from him and was told to leave University for dressing up as Postman pat.



So whats the differnce with BBC Scotlands incitement to blow up Ibrox stadium in some sort of  sectarian motivated act of mass murder?

wooooooooffffttt and breathe………………. and that’s just the stuff of the top of my head.

I really don’t understand why the BBC feel the need to constantly antagonise Rangers fans.

Are they not meant to uphold the very highest standards in journalism?

No wonder the moniker of Pacific Quay Celtic Supporters Club has stuck.


Coming Soon IS ANGELA HAGGERTY THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN SCOTTISH FITBAW? part 2  Angela haggertys low friends in high places and why this could be not the first time she has been on the BBC!





  1. BlueStu says:

    Time to take these bastards down i think. When a company that relies on licence fee payers cash to operate decides to say things like they have said, it is clear that they have a serious internal problem with anti Rangers and anti-Protestant sectarianism. I look forward to the day when this paedophile-shielding organisation are closed down for good!!!

  2. Pepperami says:

    That’s brilliant I feel better paying my tv licence thx bbc for the laughs anyone seen agent green? Or whyte hehehe

  3. Focusonpriorities says:

    Rather than provide any balance, correct errors, or highlight glaring omissions, I will simply agree with all the above.
    Yes, you are 100% spot on. Totally agree.

    …and just how exactly is this going to help your club avoid administration during the coming season ?
    [I am referring to Wallace’s & Deloitte’s going concern related warnings.]

    • SteveB says:

      We will be sound…….If I was a mhank, I’d be more concerned about the state aid case and possible corruption charges between CFC and GCC which are waiting in the background until after the Commonwealth games.

  4. jim66 says:

    Don’t worry about our club Focus, you would do well to worry about your rancid, sectarian, thieving sect. Ticktock

  5. Colinl says:

    Great work keep it up

  6. Lisa Collington says:

    Rangers Football Club…Scotland’s most successful club. )ASA,UEFA,SFA,SFL,SPFL,ECA,Wee Red Book,LNS etc etc approved).

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