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Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith will be in the east end of Glasgow Tomorrow to officially open the Commonwealth Games.

Of all the war torn places and terrorist hot-spots in the commonwealth that the former British Empire Games could have been staged The Queen will face a Hatred that she will never have experienced before than that which is generated from the anti-British pro IRA terror swamps of the east end of Glasgow.

This is not hyperbole dear reader lets have a look at where it could have  been held.

Well for one it could have been held in Nigeria. Abuja and Glasgow were bidding to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

One of these cities is a nest of corruption and inter-religious factionalism, with abject poverty, elections nobody trusts, low life expectancy run by a close network of religious zealoted fanatical bigots……………………….and the other is Abuja.

But enough about Glasgow lets get back to Nigeria.

Since 2010, the Islamic sect Boko Haram has been blamed for many attacks on the residents of Northern Nigeria and Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

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Pffffffft only 2010? they are wet behind the ears compared to the Anti-British nutters that roam the Streets of Glasgow glorifying Pro Irish Terror.

What about Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh in Bangladesh?,


How many Council licensed pubs do they have?

What about Al-Qaeda in Kenya?

images (3)

pffffftttt they don’t even have their own Football team.

What about Al-Qaeda in Pakistan?

images (4)

Not even close.

What about Rwanda with the tutsi and hutu conflict?

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Nothing compared to an under 17 Old firm game if you believe our mhedia. of course all Rangers fans fault if you believe our Mhedia.

What about Sierra Leone’s civil war when the RUF, with support from the special forces of NPFL tried to overthrow Joseph Momoh government?


Not even close only lasted 11 years try centuries then come back to me.

I would argue with anyone that the Queen would feel more welcome, safer and at home in all these other countries, than the lightening rod for Pro-Irish Republican terrorism and anti-Britishness that is Celtic Park!

You don’t believe me?

Lets have a look at the facts shall we?

What Follows are a list of attempts or planned attempts on The Queen’s Life in Scotland.

In May 1981. The IRA set off the bomb just 500 yards from the Queen, as she arrived in the Shetland Islands to open Europe’s largest oil terminal in front of the King of Norway and dozens of other VIPs.

And they would have used an even larger bomb – but key parts got delayed in the post.

A terrorist had spent two years with the team who built BP’s Sullum Voe complex and was able to hide his bomb in the terminal’s power station.

MI5 later blamed BP chiefs for refusing to spend enough on precautions they had demanded to stop any assassination attempt.
Cambridge University’s Professor Andrew said: “Due to a lapse in protective security by BP, the Provisional IRA came close to achieving one of its most spectacular coups.”

The attack happened four days after the death of Bobby Sands, the first of 10 IRA hunger-strikers to die in Belfast’s Maze prison.
A probe into the Shetland blast – the only time the Provos struck in Scotland – found many of the large number of Irish labourers working at the BP site had Republican sympathies.

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In August 2003 it was reported in the Sunday Mail. That in in 1996. THE IRA plotted to wipe out the Royal family by blowing up Balmoral with a massive bomb, senior intelligence sources have revealed.

The IRA also drew up an alternative plan to ambush the Royal family with mortar or rifle fire as they picnicked on the Deeside estate.
The plot was drawn up and only came to light after details were leaked to author Ingrid Seward by security services.

The terrorist hit squad went undercover at Balmoral as they drafted plans to blow up the castle and kill leading Royals, including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, during their annual holiday in Scotland.

But their plot was foiled when detailed maps of Balmoral and other Royal targets were discovered in the flat of IRA bomber Edward O’Brien who blew himself up on a bus in Aldwych, central London, in 1996.


They were plotting to smuggle a massive bomb inside the castle which could be detonated weeks or even months later when the Royals were on holiday there.

Terrorism expert David Capitanchik, of Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, said the IRA have strong links in Scotland.

Any IRA attempt on the lives of the Royals would have been approved by the terror group’s most senior commanders.

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In April 1997. the Daily Rcord reported, that A royal visit to Arran may be scrapped – after top secret details of the trip were printed in the island’s newspaper. The Queens timetable is normally kept secret in case of terrorist attacks.

But incredibly, the Arran Banner published the Queen’s full itinerary, including details of how she would arrive and where she was going.

A police insider with the Royal Protection Unit said last night: “It was a bloody stupid thing to do. The Queen is top of the IRA’s hit-list and this is a major breach of security.

“If police decide to go through with the visit, then security will have to be stepped up massively, especially with the IRA being so active at the moment.

“But they will almost certainly have to change the itinerary completely and that will cost thousands.

“Buckingham Palace are going crazy about this.

“Weeks of work and careful planning are down the drain. What a botch- up.”

The Arran Banner, a 35p weekly paper, claimed details of the visit were leaked to them by local toff Lady Jean Fforde, a cousin of Prince Rainier of Monaco.

They said the Queen would land from Britannia at the village of Brodick, carry out a couple of engagements on the island and leave from Lochranza.

IRA expert Martin McGartland, who infiltrated the terrorist ranks working as an MI5 agent, said: “The IRA will be keeping a record of this information.

“I would advise the police to think seriously about changing the plans.”

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So are you telling me that the IRA tried to attack the Queen in Sleepy far away places as Shetland, Deeside and Arran.

But wont at the hot bed of anti-British Pro-IRA terror that is hosting the opening of the Commonwealth Games?

The Stadium that is hosting is Celtic Park. Home to Celtic Football Club.


A club many believe was set up with sinister origins as a fifth column. By members of the Irish republican movement and Religious organisations to use the game of association Football for their own political gains. To grow a ground swell of support  to attack the British establishment.

A Club that when looking to invite someone to lay the first turf of the stadium of Celtic Football Club in 1892. They didnt go looking for the Pele of the day they asked  Michael Davitt an Irish republican and nationalist agrarian agitator and member of the Fenian organisation the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

A club so anti British from its inception and its board so full of anti-British sentiment that never having a portrait of the reigning monarch of the time in its boardroom was the least of their deeds. Despite this being the norm for most British clubs.

A club it had to have its own ground, the very ground that the Queen will be attending, Shut down by the authorites during world war Two.

A front-page Evening Times headline on 6th September 1941 read 6th September read:


The following day’s paper featured a letter from a member of the public who noticed the contrast in front page articles where one focused on Russia’s fight in WWII and the other on “those hooligans who bring such a disgrace to our city and our national sport.”

He continued, “Here, on one side, was a country fighting so valiantly in its own towns and streets not only its own battle but ours as well, and fighting regardless of creed or anything else. On the other hand, we have citizens of this country, allied to another, fighting among themselves all over a game of football.”

On the same day, Sir Patrick Dolan Lord Provost of Glasgow, said, “It is shameful that Glasgow’s great contribution to the war effort should be impaired by a few hooligans who seem to be more concerned about their club winning than that Britain should defeat Hitler in the struggle for a better world.”

A Club who’s board at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland and the P.I.R.A’s mainland bombing campaign. Decided in its infinite wisdom to invite Pro Irish Terror anti-British group the Wolftones to perform at the Stadium.

Celtic Symphony by The Wolfe Tones “OH AH UPPING THE ‘RA” promoting terrorism in Scotlands second best team’s stadium. The very Stadium that the Queen will be seated.

A club were there Star Striker Anthony Stokes wont even allow the Queen and all her family into his pub he owned the Players Lounge in Dublin.

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A Club whos star striker Anthony Stokes considered the RIRA leader in Dublin Alan Ryan a close personal friend.

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Alan Ryan who would of-course see the Queen all her family and any citizen of the United kingdom as an legitimate target for murder.

A Football Club turns a blind eye to their official singing section The Green Brigade” constant demonstrations of pro-IRA terror anti-Britishness some of which is the worse that has ever been seen and heard in a British sporting arena.

images (1)download (1)shame2magm7m


The sorry Anti-British list goes on and on.

Celtic park is also a Football Stadium that is a lightning rod for protests for Dissident Irish Republicans 32 SCM protests and Irish Republican marches.

Anti-British Pro-IRA terror marches that are allowed to start, finish and use Celtic Park as a rallying point.

All under the authority of Glasgow City council






This is a video of Donna Reid her father IRA terrorist Billy Reid


IRA terrorist Billy Reid was a member of the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.Reid was responsible for the death of the first British Army soldier killed in The Troubles and was later killed as he attempted another ambush of British Army personnel.

The Gallowgate, for those that don’t know is a road that stretches from Glasgow Cross in the town too the Parkhead district up near Celtic Park.

This is what happens to cars who proudly display St Georges flags of England.

Don’t get me wrong dear reader.

If you are reading this outside of Scotland this isn’t an Scottish versus English thing.

This is a Anti-British Pro-IRA Terrorism thing.

That has been allowed to germinate in the stagnant swamps of the Republican East End due to cowards in the scottish government local Government the Glasgow City Council and the Law.

That car could have had Union flags or red hands of Ulsters on it and the result would still have been the same from those NEDs who inhabit that part of the City.

The Gallowgate is known by the local colloquialism “The IRA theme park” and it is a moniker fittingly deserved.

Because for a number of Great British pounds you can indulge in all sorts of anti-British pro-IRA terror glorification.

From buying CD’s and DVD’s of people glorifying the deaths of innocent men woman and children at the cowardly blood stained hands of Irish terror and British armed forces being shot down by surface to air missiles.

All under the watch of Glasgow City Council Licencing board.

This has led to two such notorious Gallowgate boozers being shut down.

The Foggy Dew has been closed down with immediate effect at an emergency hearing of the city’s licensing board. Police Scotland had to ask licensing chiefs to review the licence after alleged “serious violence” and “sectarian, religious prejudice behaviour” within the premises.


Officers claimed the London Road bar should be closed after a string of incidents, including an alleged serious assault at the weekend.
The licensing board heard how police said there was a “lack of co-operation from management and licence holder” at the East End pub.

Chief Inspector Hilary Sloan said: “The management has completely failed to engage with us and that’s a big issue for us. We can’t predict what may happen in future.

“But there’s a likelihood that there will be further disorder as they have not taken on board any of the recommendations made by us.”
She asked for the closure order to be imposed for “sufficient time “for Police Scotland to return to the board for a review hearing of the premises.

It is the first time that closure order powers, within the licensing legislation, have been used in Glasgow
Granting the order, Councillor Bill Butler said: “The board is satisfied that a closure order is necessary to prevent crime and disorder and secure public safety.”

The pub was named after a an IRA rebel song held a party to ‘celebrate’ the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Th closure of the Foggy dew came close on the heels of the closure of probably the Gallowgates most infamous Irish Republican Slop houses.


Bairds Bar forced to shut down after its owners were brought before licensing chiefs over repeated violent incidents, including claims staff cleaned up a crime scene.

The Republican slop house was brought before the licensing board three times in less than 18 months after causing problems.
A man was attacked in Bairds at the pool table by a man with a Glass bottle and several others were seen on CCTV jumping on the man as staff watched.

The police said there was a 15-minute delay between the fight and a call being made for an ambulance, no one at Bairds called the police for assistance.

Police said bar staff had cleaned up the crime scene prior to police arriving, similar to an incident in Bairds in October 2011. Glass and a broken bottle neck, which were heavily blood-stained, were found within the bin and were consistent injured male’s injuries.

Polythene wraps and other drugs paraphernalia, were also found in the toilets. A customer was arrested on another occasion for carrying cocaine following complaints of drug dealing in the bar.

Bairds received a written warning for a lock-in after it had been banned from opening during the day following a series of violent incidents.

Bairds bar managerial staff ignored conditions It had to provide extra stewarding whenever Celtic games were taking place, and to serve drinks in toughened glass to reduce injuries.

Celtic Press conference in Bairds Bar March 2000 -1378342

In January 1998 the Daily Record reported that Police were probing IRA link to Celtic fans who were plotting revenge for alleged sectarian attacks in the area..

The group say they are planning a hit list of Rangers fans who, they claim, have attacked Celtic supporters in Glasgow’s Bridgeton Cross area.

In a leaflet handed out at Celtic matches, they complain police and Celtic FC are not doing enough to stop the attacks.

Calling themselves Celtic Fans Against Fascism, they give a PO box number which the Record traced to the Queens Park pub in Dixon Avenue in Glasgow’s south side.

But a spokesman at the pub said: “I have never heard of them.”

The address is linked to the TAL Magazine, a republican newsletter, which also uses the box number.


The man with the history of mental illness A.K.A Phil Mac Giolla Bhain was co founder for said Rag.

And what about the Scottish dignitaries that will be invited to the opening of the Commonwealth games have they been vetted by our security services to see if they pose a threat to her majesty the Queen?

Take Alex Salmond for instance now he can lie all he wants but he is the Leader of a Republican party with some real anti-Monarchy British-hating Loonballs as members.

Tartan Army 1

In October 1996 the Daily Record reported.

A convicted IRA supporter last night boasted how he worked in a top- security Government office.

Cocky Jim Slaven, who was jailed after organising an illegal Republican march, landed a job at the new Scottish Office.

Slaven, 26, bragged about using the HQ’s phones to contact Sinn Fein officials in Belfast and the pro- IRA Republican News. He also worked at the £40million Victoria Quay development in Edinburgh when the Queen officially opened it.

Swaggering Slaven said: “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started there. Pals were taking bets on how long I would last.”
He says he had the run of the place and:

USED Scottish Office computers to run off press releases on a play being performed by former Republican prisoners.

FAXED out details of an anti-RUC picket he was organising at the American Consulate in Edinburgh.

GAVE a Scottish Office phone line as the contact number for journalists.

Slaven was appointed to the clerical post after a five- minute visit to the St Andrew’s Square JobCentre in Edinburgh in search of summer work.

He was told he could start the next day in the finance department, without security vetting or even reference checks.

In 1993 he was found guilty of organising an illegal Connolly march, inciting people to attack police officers and resisting arrest. He was fined £350 but jailed for 14 days after refusing to pay.

Slaven started work at the Scottish Office in June and was issued with an ID card to get through security gates.

It was almost three weeks before bosses cottoned on to him. Slaven got the boot after they realised who he’d been faxing and phoning.

“A personnel manager mumbled something about it being a political embarrassment,” said Slaven.

“My career as a civil servant was short and sweet – but very informative and rewarding.”


In 1999 along with three other men Jim Slaven was banned from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile after being charged with approaching the Queen’s carriage during the opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament.

Francis Dorris, 29; James Slaven, 28; David Lamb, 31, all from Edinburgh, and William Mulgrew, 34, from Musselburgh

The men were held overnight in custody following an alleged incident as the Queen travelled along the Canongate in the High Street in an open carriage as part of the historic ceremony.

Two men are also to appear for trial after denying charges of burning a flag during the same procession.

Jason Kelly, 28, and Donald Fraser, 24, both from Glasgow, denied breach of the peace charges.

They are to appear for trial on 16 September after being charged with igniting a Union flag and throwing it into the pathway of a procession including Her Majesty, the Queen.


Here is anti-British IRA fanatic Jim Slaven with Scotland’s first Minister Alex Salmond

download (1)

I wonder if wee Eck will bring him along?

No doubt Glasgow will be represented by Lord Provosts past and present.

One Lord Provost the Queen and her security staff should be aware of his Alex Mosson and not just because hes a convicted criminal with a history of tying up O.A.P’s and robbing them.

Oh no Alex Mosson is a well know Irish republican sympathiser.


Alex Mosson, pictured above with disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien inducting him into the Roman catholic The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

He was as instrumental in bringing Gerry Adams during the troubles to Govan town hall.

download (10)


I was going to List all the Scottish labour members who are IRA sympathisers but its getting late and theres too many to mention.

So what about the SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse Christina McKelvie and SNP MSP Keith Brown, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.


This blog exposed Christina McKelvie nephew Christopher “Chrissy” Curran and his disgusting Pro-IRA views.


Are they going to be in attendance with the Queen at Celtic Park?

Do they hold the same Pro-IRA sectarian views as their nephew?

The IRA are well known to attack sporting events From the Grand National to threats on the London Olympics 2012.

In fact when the Olympic torch went through Londonderry it had to be diverted because thuggish Irish republicans threaten the safety of the torch bearers!

images (3)images (6)


A celtic fan below

images (7)


And the Olympic Torch being diverted

images (8)

But no doubt the Queen will be protected by our brave fine boys of the secret services and S.A.S.

One hopes that they are on top form like Operation Flavius in Gibraltar if God forbid the worries that this blog has highlighted does come to fruition.


Below are just a quick search of social media sectarian and racist motivated hate crimes towards her majesty Queen Elizabeth


Expect sectarian and racist motivated hate crimes to sky rocket when the thought of the royal crown flag of the commonwealth games gets raised high in the air above Celtic Park enters the consciousness of your average Celtic fan.


All topped of with a raucous rendition of GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN, long shall she reign over us, gets belted out from around the slopes of Celtic park.



3 comments on “GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN

  1. Ric sherry says:

    Can’t disagree with any of that. A lot of bheasts will be raging.

  2. Bill mcmurdo says:

    Haha what pish

  3. Sam portman says:

    I think you should reconsider the position of the pub closure( the foggy dew) it’s rabhid anti loyalist style was not considered suitable well it’s not suitable only for the next 2 weeks .. The give away is what is said by Archie mcivor the solicitor acting for the license holder. He said “I have been instructed by the proprietors not to oppose any claims or instructions made or demanded by police Scotland.”
    Chief inspector Hilary Sloan asked the board for”sufficient time” for police Scotland to return to the board for a review hearing of the premises.
    Granting the order councillor bill butler said ” the board is satisfied that a closure order is necessary to prevent crime and secure public safety ”
    Guaranteed this dump will be opened at most 6wks from now with the self same clientele no doubt collusion among the civic authorities

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