In this blog I will mainly want for you to cast your mind back to the obscene waste of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s public money wasted on the disgraced ex Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United Kingdom from 16 to 19 September in the year of our Lord 2010.

In doing so we will find out the Roman Catholic Church’s plan to usurp our Nation once again with the use of their puppets and the useful idiots in their pay or blind obedience goes a long, long, long way back in History.

But first lets read this eye-opening piece that was penned by the fair hand of the disgraced Cardinal O’Brien in the Daily Record of October the 17th 2006 -over a year from the ordination of Pope Benedict XVI and 4 years before UK visit in 2010- to see how this undemocratic, unelected, devious, treasonous, anti-British, anti-Protestant organisation sets up its agenda to stir up division and hatred in our beloved Nation.
Keith’s words are in Bold Italics mines are in plain text.

LET’S TRUST THE VOTERS; SCOTLAND’S leading Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, made headlines by saying that he would be happy if Scots backed political separation from the rest of the UK. Here, in his own words, he explains his point of view.

WITH one small act the late John Paul II united the Scottish nation, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.
It was the 1982 Papal visit and Pope JP II descended from his plane.
Reaching the tarmac he simply knelt down and kissed the ground.
With one subtle but historical kiss he reminded the world that Scotland is a nation among nations.
How? Because an undemocratic OAP so called Virgin, self proclaimed infallible totalitarian absolute monarch kisses a bit of Ground? I think we will let the people decide and that’s what we do in secular, modern, forward thinking, democracy.
This memory has never left me and has had a profound effect on how I view our country.
It is not my place to get too involved in the politics of independence.
Stop sniggering at the back you!
However I am happy that, if it is the wish of the people, Scotland becomes an independent country.
Thank God you’re hiding in England then cause you must be pissed because we didn’t!
In my travels I have had much experience of small countries and I have seen what benefits independence can bring.
We need only look across the Irish Sea to feel the vibrancy of the Celtic Tiger. The recent flourishing of Ireland is also matched by the confidence and success of the various Scandinavian states.
Ireland The Celtic Tiger? LOLZ more like the Poundland Pussy!!
In my experience there is an increasing move towards independence in Scotland. The people and the Members of the Scottish Parliament have increased control but not all the power they would wish for. I have just been involved in a protest against nuclear weapons, many of which are based here. I am constantly asked: “Why are we not able to say what we want in Scotland?”
Among many other things, that makes me think independence is coming’ perhaps not in the next few years, but within the seeable (sic) future. One has to trace back 700 years to learn of the support of the Catholic Church for Scottish autonomy.
It was then that Pope John XXII accepted the sentiments within the Declaration of Arbroath and acknowledged the independence of our Church and our country.
UTTER BOLLOCKS from the from the ex Cardinal though it is not the first time he has blatantly lied in public! The Roman Catholic church sided with the English and ex communicated Robert de Bruce, the Scottish church, Scotland and her people.
One of the ‘honours of Scotland’ preserved in Edinburgh Castle is the ‘Sword of State’ presented by Pope Julius II some 500 years ago – this presentation being a recognition of Scotland as an independent country.
And post-Reformation, the independence of the Catholic Church in Scotland has been recognised throughout the world since the Restoration of the Hierarchy, our Conference of Scottish Bishops, in 1878.
I myself have just returned from Russia and a meeting of 34 heads of Bishops’ Conferences in Europe.
I would also say, with respect, that the Catholic leadership in England is often perceived as part of the Establishment, whereas we are not.
In fact I think I can go further by saying we do not particularly want to be. We value our independence, which gives us the freedom to take (if needs be) a legitimate ‘swipe’ at the establishment.
LOLZ “The Establishment” I wonder what Keith’s log in to Celticminded is?
Two obvious recent examples are the Act of Settlement and Trident.
Recently I was delighted to get a letter from Cardinal Martino, the President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
He wrote praising the Scottish Church’s position on Trident and stated we clearly reflected the teaching of the Church.
Scotland’s bishops set a lead on this issue previously in 1982.
Funny how the Roman Catholic church mouth is shut when it comes to interfering in US politics America’s nuclear deterrent!
I would like to think also that the Long Walk for Peace from Faslane to the Scottish Parliament, led by the Moderator, with Archbishop Conti and myself also taking part with many other people of goodwill, in some ways reflected the magnificent Make Poverty History Campaign of 2005.
Make Poverty History? you could start by stripping the Vatican of all its treasure and spreading the wealth between the 1 billion of your cult -many of whom live in abject poverty- that you love boasting about!
Then on July 2, Scotland’s voice was again heard loudly and clearly from 250,000 people. Our responsibility is to be a voice for the voiceless both here in Scotland and abroad.
This responsibility is at the local parish level when we give direct help to those people who have been harmed by the ruthlessness of modern-day society.
It is also on a national level when bishops have to give a courageous lead against the creeping forces of atheistic secularism which is consuming and trying to destroy our Christian society.
The Church traditionally has a deep fondness for Scotland.
Except when it’s systematically raping and violently abusing it’s Children and then fighting tooth and nail to stop these Scots getting their day in court.
She recognises the distinct heritage of the nation. The country has a long and noble story to tell, a proud national narrative.
After 300 years of union the Scottish identity is alive and well.
The people are aware they are an equal partner within it. It is up to the democratic will of the people whether they decide to remain within the union or to make their country a state.
Think again of that greeting from Pope John Paul II on his arrival from England – I cannot think of a greater endorsement of nationhood than that simple act at Edinburgh Airport.
‘Independence is coming… within the foreseeable future’


As Keith O’Brien said in the Daily Record. Pope John Paul II in 1982 made the first visit to the United Kingdom by a reigning pope. What was different from Pope John Paul II visit and Pope Benedict’s XVI in 2010 was
1. it was a pastoral rather than a state visit
2. The Roman Catholics in the United Kingdom had the decency to pay for the visit out of their own pocket – around £7 million (the equivalent of about £20M in 2010)- and not burden the secular United Kingdom and Northern Irish state like Pope Benedict XVI visit. Of course The Catholic population in 1982 was 813,000 in 2008 it was way down 667,000 Catholic marriages in 1982 was 5,267 in 2008 it was way down too 1,949 Baptisms in 1982 was 13,550 and in 2008 it was 8,270. All figures sourced from British Religion in Numbers and with the number of priests is also falling also maybe the they never had the funds?
3. He Started the visit in England before flying to Scotland whilst Pope Benedict XVI started his visit in Scotland first.
It is the date on which Pope Benedict XVI visited Scotland that is key and starts the History repeating.
The Roman Catholic church made much of it being the feast day of St. Ninian so much so that the held a big PR stunt at where else but St. MARGARITAS church in Edinburgh castle.
The date was the 16th of September 2010 and it was the 309th anniversary of the death of King James II of “King James and all his rebel SCUM!” infamy.
He was King of England and Ireland as James II and King of Scotland as James VII, from 6 February 1685 until he was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. He was the last Roman Catholic monarch to reign over the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.
KING JAMES VII & II died in exile at the Chateau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and almost immediately the Cause for his Beatification -the first step to becoming a saint of the Roman Catholic church- commenced in the Archdiocese of Paris, after a number of miracles -Probably one being the fastest runner from the battle of the Boyne that led the Irish to christen him “James the shithead”- had been attested.
The coincidences don’t stop there.
On September 16, 1745, his grandson, the young French-Italian pretender to the British throne the so called Prince Charles Edward Stuart, entered the City of Edinburgh -but not the castle- and having proclaimed his father KING JAMES VIII & III and himself as regent and took possession of the Palace of Holyrood House, where Pope Benedict XVI was received – for the first time – by the real Monarch of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Queen Elizabeth II in 2010.
It was Pope Benedict’s predecessor -and who he took his name from- Pope Benedict XIV who liberally funded the Jacobite Rising of 1745 and later awarded the Cardinal’s Hat to the so called Bonnie Prince Charlies brother Henry Benedict, the pretender to the title Duke of york.
Pope Benedict XIV appears to be as devious as his present day counter part and namesake Pope Benedict XVI as it is said he decided to suspend the Cause for the beatification (the making of a Roman Catholic saint) of KING JAMES VII & II, out of consideration for the hindrance that this might cause for non-Roman Catholic fighting for the Jacobites, in the hoped for event of a Stuart Restoration to the British throne under complete control of the Vatican.
Since the start of the treasonous project MARGARITA -the project to return Scotland at least to the Roman Catholic church- which started in earnest with Pope John Paul II visit in 1982. Ramped up with Pope Benedict XVI visit in 2010 and reached a disgusting hate filled anti-British fever pitch during the YES campaign. There has been some important births with some important names.
1. The future King, Prince William was born the namesake of King William of Orange who defeated King James II and all his Rebel SCUM! at the battle of the Boyne.
2. The spare Prince Henry -Harry’s Sunday name- was born. Named after King Henry VIII who split from Rome during one of the most enlightened periods of Human history the renaissance.
3. Prince George was born to Prince William and Princess Catherine. George of course the namesake of the King who defeated the so called Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden with the help of more Scots fighting for him than against him on the French, Irish and Vatican backed Jacobites.
4. And last but not least Princess Charlotte was born who shares the same name as the bastard Daughter of the young pretender the so called Bonnie Prince Charlie, Charlotte Stuart the last of the Stuarts so called claims to the British throne. Unlike the so-called Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Daughter, Prince Williams daughter is not a Charlotte FAKE!


Oh Ma’am you are naughty……. but I like you!!


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