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What can I add to the sectarian would-be SNP MP for Argyll and Bute Brendan O’Hara Hun-Gate that the Rangers Supporters’ Trust, the Vanguard Bears and indeed my humble blog has said already?

Here are some links some from over 3 years ago from this blog that highlighted the dark dangerous road the Scottish National Party was planning to take Scotland towards.




Read them as a sort of Scottish Nat-zis, a warning from History.

What I will say is its refreshing people are starting to wake up big time to the threat of the word HUN commonly used by anti-British, Pro-IRA terror supporters.


So much so that someone has trawled a Celtic forum for comments he made under the name Spikeybhoy from far back as 2007.

Brendan wrote on Scott Brown signing.

“For those worried about the fee, think of it as £3.5million for the player and £1million to shove it up the huns. A great piece of business!”

And in 2008

“I reckon the point he’s trying to make is that we and the hun come from the same part of the world, share similar upbringing in terms of the influences around us and are by and large from the same demographic. Yet the hun CHOOSE to behave in the manner they do and we do not.”

When Mo Johnston became the highest-profile Roman Catholic to play for Rangers in the dominant Graeme Souness era Brendan O’Hara was quoted as an “ardent Celtic follower” in the Chicago Tribune and said

“The man’s a rat. I don’t think he can show his face in this town again.”

In spite of The SNP said Mr O’Hara apologised for any offence caused by the use of the word but had no intention of stepping down. Even despite pressure from an online petition which calls on SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to take action supported by 1000s.

He is still backed by the high heed yins of the SNP

brendan o'hara11

And SNP Humza Yousaf – a Celtic fan – told the Scottish Parliament that the term “Hun” was not acceptable in his view.

brendan o'hara5

Well this might change and this is something new I can add to the debate that has not already been said.

Lets have a look at Brendan O’Hara’s twitter account not the @BrendanoharaSNP one NO the other one @SGASTV one to get a real insight into this bigots mind.

Lets have a look at the accounts this sectarian, racist would be SNP MP for Argyll and Bute follows.
Its like a who’s who of Rangers haters with the all be it duped in my opinion Channel 4’s and NUFC Fan Alex Thompson @alextomo

@CelticNewsNow #Celtic news for Internet Bampots

Mince from @CelticMindedcom the sectarian, Racist “Hun free internet forum” I wonder what Brendans username is in there? Sadly Brendan isnt the only Politician to use that bigoted cess pit.

More to come on that.

The much lamented Paul McConville @Paulmcc12 who when not pretending to be an Albion Rovers fan spent his last days on this earth being a Rangers tax case obsessive

The bigoted Paul “Refs clearly a mason” Brennan @CQN Celtic Quick News and other bits.

Bella Caledonia @bellacaledonia Mike Small who when hounding Rangers about phantom Tax bills and inviting the political wing of the Provisional IRA Sinn Fein spin Doctors up to Glasgow to talk about it was hypocritically taking up millions in public money in a company he was involved in that despite that folded.

Jim “my big bro was a Celtic man and used to belt out the ‘Party tunes’ on the bus from Dundee”Spence @bbcjimspence

Celtic players agent Gregory Ioannidis @LawTop20 who stuck his nose into RTC and offered his unwanted wrong opinion.

The odious creep himself Graham Spiers @GrahamSpiers.

Kevin McKenna @KevinMcKenna63 who had to leave the Celtic view for what only could be described as being TOO PRO IRA!!!!

The disgraceful paul holleran @paulholleran1 Celtic supporting NUJ Organiser.

Wings Over Scotland @WingsScotland a lot like Hitlers Furer over Germany slogan but a lot more hate-filled and evil.

To round off this Pro IRA anti British Rangers hating motley crew we have the Rangers hater uber allez Phil MacGiollaBhain @Pmacgiollabhain

Brendan O’Hara has stood for the SNP in two previous General Elections – in Springburn in 1987 and Glasgow Central in 1992.

I wonder if Brendan was a member of Phil Gillivans SNP Provos at the time?

Here is Brendan is with one of those tone deaf, twats out the Proclaimers who is doing his best impersonation of a Tartan Tory boy or a slightly less interesting young John Major if you will.


Do the good people of Argyll and Bute know that their would be MP probably has wee cosy chats on the internet with an Anti-British Anti-Scottish pro IRA terrorist odd ball that likes to dress up in IRA uniform and brandish guns?


Do the Rangers fans among them realize that Brendan and Phil brand them Huns, Klan, underclass the list of pejoratives goes on simply for supporting a team from Govan that plays football they enjoy?

His following of religious accounts is certainly not ecumenical and encompassing of all the faiths of Argyll and Bute. All are exclusively Roman Catholic with former propaganda minister for the Scottish Roman catholic church Ronnie Convery @ronaldopatrizio now at the Vatican.

Catholic Thinker @ThinkerCatholic Exploring the mystical & intellectual brilliance of the Catholic faith.

Pope Francis @Pontifex Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis.

Recusant Views @jmcdev63 and I quote

“Reflections on an ecelectic mix of topics, from the Gunpowder Plot and the Recusants to Celtic FC and current politics. Enjoy!” 

In the history of England and Wales, recusancy was the state of those who refused to attend Anglican services; these individuals were known as recusants at the time of the Gun powder plot.

Does Brendan O’Hara who is running for Westminster see the Roman Catholic terrorist and anti-Scottish racist Guy Fawkes who plotted to blow up the Palace of Westminster as a Hero?


Michael McGrath @sces_mmcgrath Director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service; supporting Catholic schools, parishes and Dioceses across Scotland.

Catholic Observer @SCO_NEWS The Scottish Catholic Observer is Scotland’s national Catholic newspaper, established in 1885.

His football accounts are not as “open and exclusive” as self proclaimed by the football club his ancestor helped to found all being exclusively Celtic related with Celtic Graves @CelticGraves

All Celtic F.C News in Arabic Language @Celtic_Ar || Instagram : @Celtic_ar || Physical Education Student ||
Celtic Nation FC @CelticNationFC Northern League Division 1 team from Carlisle. Or should that read Celtic Zombie nation FC (Haw Haw)

@Celtsfans4indy Aim is to engage with all Celtic FC fans who support Scottish independence.
And Celtic Football Club @celticfc The official Twitter feed of Celtic FC

Worryingly Brendan O’Hara followed one account with Rangers in it. The sectarian, Racist and discredited witch-hunt Rangers Tax-Case @rangerstaxcase

Do the good people of Argyll and Bute want to give a man powers who openly supports a blog that seemed fit to break the law and publish their private information because he thought it would get Rangers people in trouble or they that they looked a bit Protestanty or a bit Free Masony?

Something else you might not know about Brendan O’Hara is he has worked with Sky Sports. One has to ask oneself if Mr O’Hara worked on any Celtic games when the sound was magically turned down?

He has also worked along with his brother Diarmid O’Hara at BBC Scotland.

Diarmid O’Hara who had 20 years with BBC Scotland, where he held a variety of senior positions, including editor of Newsnight Scotland.

Talk about sitting at the back of the bus and to think we are fed bullshite of ‘The Lap top Loyal’ and ‘Huns with typewriters’.

During his time at the BBC he saw many protests outside his offices that was monikered ‘Pacific quay CFC’ about blatant sectarianism and bias by Rangers fans. Saw hours and hours dedicated to the Rangers crisis heavily leaning towards a presumption of Rangers’ guilt but failed to miss the real story the actions of certain Lloyd banks employees instead focusing on telling mis-truths and whipping up a Rangers witch-hunt.

BBC Scotland -during Diarmid O’Hara’s time- also appear to me to have recieved stolen goods according to Lord Nimmo Smith, that;

“BBC Scotland came, by unknown means, into possession of what they described as “dozens of secret emails, letters and documents”, which we understand were the productions before the Tax Tribunal. These formed the basis of a programme entitled “Rangers – The Men Who Sold the Jerseys”

Diarmid O’Hara left the BBC in DECEMBER of 2013 to join WEST College Scotland as director of communications, policy and planning.

Whether this move was because he couldnt stop a tsunami of negative stories of the Roman Catholic about alleged systemic abuse and child rape that had been covered up by the church one can only speculate.

The O’Hara’s Brendan and Diarmid are not Just any old common old Celtic fans they are literally part of the Celtic family.

Their great-great Grandfather was one of the co-founders of Celtic Football Club, John O’Hara.


Now these two are not the first of Celtic dynasty to be found neck deep in the witch hunt of Rangers phantom Big Tax Case you all know Aiden McLaughlin from my previous blog


Aiden’s ancestor John Hubert McLaughlin was the Celtic football Clubs first chairman from the years 1897 – 1909
The former St Aloysius College school boy and HM Inspector at Inland Revenue when not on twitter describing Rangers fans who respected our war dead as the “Lowest common denominator” and scaremongering that Rangers owed a debt of £112 million in unpaid Tax.

He was on the BBC Scotlands go to tax expert wee Maureen Leslies MLM solutions blog. Blogging about the Rangers Tax Case under his own name or the name Mr. Verdigris of Scepticism LLP.

This existence of this motley crew of O’Hara and McLaughlin Rangers haters with the old proverb “the apple doesnt fall from the tree” disprove the myths that Celtic from its inception specifically at Board level was certainly not a club open to all.

The 2nd myth that Scotland and Glasgow in particular was the most “anti-Irish city” on earth by both men being from Ireland originally made their fame and fortune in Glasgow-both made part of their money getting those poor east end Roman Catholics pished on hard liquor- and by doing so they expels the 3rd myth.

The 3rd Myth that Celtic is a entity solely for Charitable means. Yes in the first few years Catholic charities benefited from Celtic but after Brother Walfrid was moved on in 1892 all charity to those who were cruelly described as ‘impertinent meddlers’, ‘dinner table soreheads’, and ‘soup kitchen kranks’ virtually stopped.

I am reliably informed that fellow members of the McLaughlin Celtic Dynasty are the BBC Scotlands very own Chris McLaughlin and his sister the BBC Scotland -former Radio Clyde- Constance “Connie” McLaughlin joining the O’Hara Bros at Pacific Quay.

So imagine that.

With all these myths spread about the ‘Lap top Loyal’ and ‘Huns with typewriters’ by Rangers hating, Celticminded internet bampots.

Not only did we have Celtic fans reporting on Rangers Tax witch-hunt we have the descendants of the very people that formed their biggest rivals!

Imagine the uproar if for talking sake a decedent of Bill Struth rocked up outside Celtic park to talk about allegations of Historic child abuse or corruption with local CelticMinded Councils.






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